Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Snail on basil leaf (not a recipe)

Things that happened today: tried out level two of that evil exercise dvd, regretted that decision almost immediately, shopped for groceries and exchanged some lingerie, took the car to Nørrebro where we bought a used washing machine for the shop, worked-worked-worked, went home and cooked dinner, watched a single, much too short episode of Buffy, found what appeared to be a dead snail in some grapes, played with the totally not dead snail for way too long, mixed my gross natural hair coloring soup and accidentally knocked Allan's toothbrush into the bowl while applying it, waited forever for the hair color to work before eventually ( i hope?) rinsing it out.
Yeah, i'm still on that last part.

My shoulders and back hurt from that workout. I almost puked a few times too. Back to level one tomorrow and for a long time to come.

The snail, he's still in the kitchen, waiting for someone to release him into the wild (he's from Bisserup, by the way, i hope he'll enjoy living in Vesterbro)

 Yeah, i'm definitely ready to wash my hair for the third time today (poor planning), so i can get some damn sleep

London is in a few days. We just bought the tickets today, because why get the tickets in good time, when you can do it at the very last minute? So fun.
I sincerely wish i still enjoyed going to conventions. Then maybe i wouldn't stress so much about it?
Right now i just want it to be Tuesday, so i can be back home and work on the photo room at the shop, and not be nervous all the time.


  1. God morgon! Ville bara säga att jag gillar din blogg.

  2. I'm jealous that your snails in Europe have those super cute long antennae. Ours have li'l stumpy ones. And we have more slugs than snails here. Giant. Slimy. Black or yellow. Slugs.
    Fun fact: both times I typed "slugs" there, my fingers automatically typed "sluts" hahahaha

  3. ha I know what you mean. I had to fly to London for fashion show recently. It was a business trip and I was very stress too. Hope everything will go smooth for you. Sleeping herbal tablets help :)