Tuesday, September 13, 2011

As if

I've answered so many emails today, i've come to that point where words don't make so much with the sense anymore.
So don't go expecting a wordy post.
And it's not just my brain that's fried right now, my body is too.
Yes, i started working out in the morning again, and you guys, it is brutal.
And i'm only on level one!
But it feels good to be exercising again. Right now i don't even know why i stopped (oh, yes i do actually; a friend moved into my livingroom so i couldn't work out there... but i still should have gotten back into it much sooner).

To be realistic, i couldn't get a six-pack if i did this 6 times a day for 6 years, but it's still a good workout, and my belly needs it the most!

I'm skipping tomorrow morning cause we're taking an early trip to the hardware store for shelves and stuff for the shop (something i am way too excited about), but since i don't have a goal here, every other day seems reasonable to me.


  1. Får vi før og efter billeder? (Og en kopi af den dvd!!)

  2. ooh her workouts are great, i do mine at night though, like 1930 until 2000. Mornings are tough enough as it is! Get the 30 day shred one, its a lot shorter and still works super good (20 lbs since Jan!)

  3. Dvd'en må du godt låne, men jeg tror ikke internettet har brug for at se min mave!

  4. I usually come home around 21-ish, and by then i am too pooped to do anything. And mornings for me are pretty mellow.
    But thanks a lot for the tip, i very much like the idea of a shorter workout!

  5. good luck and enjoy! I need to get into working out at home again. I was doing so well and one little sore arm stopped everything!

  6. I've heard so many good things about her videos, especially the 30 day shred. I need to try! I'd love to lose 20 lbs. High five to you for encouraging yourself to start at it again.

  7. Thanks, i hope i can stick with it!
    I just bought the 30 day shred super cheap on amazon, just to have some different workouts to choose from.