Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Snail on basil leaf (not a recipe)

Things that happened today: tried out level two of that evil exercise dvd, regretted that decision almost immediately, shopped for groceries and exchanged some lingerie, took the car to Nørrebro where we bought a used washing machine for the shop, worked-worked-worked, went home and cooked dinner, watched a single, much too short episode of Buffy, found what appeared to be a dead snail in some grapes, played with the totally not dead snail for way too long, mixed my gross natural hair coloring soup and accidentally knocked Allan's toothbrush into the bowl while applying it, waited forever for the hair color to work before eventually ( i hope?) rinsing it out.
Yeah, i'm still on that last part.

My shoulders and back hurt from that workout. I almost puked a few times too. Back to level one tomorrow and for a long time to come.

The snail, he's still in the kitchen, waiting for someone to release him into the wild (he's from Bisserup, by the way, i hope he'll enjoy living in Vesterbro)

 Yeah, i'm definitely ready to wash my hair for the third time today (poor planning), so i can get some damn sleep

London is in a few days. We just bought the tickets today, because why get the tickets in good time, when you can do it at the very last minute? So fun.
I sincerely wish i still enjoyed going to conventions. Then maybe i wouldn't stress so much about it?
Right now i just want it to be Tuesday, so i can be back home and work on the photo room at the shop, and not be nervous all the time.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dream boots found, dream apartment still missing

What have i been up to?
Oh, you know, just looking at apartments. Every day.
Looking at apartments, all of the apartments, hoping "the one" will show up soon.
I've got a few potentials, but nothing... perfect.
But perfect doesn't exist, we all know that.
Maybe when we come back from London, i'll make some calls and arrange to see some of these potentials in person.
Maybe if i pretend i've found something, the right one will present itself? You know, that old trick?
If not, i'm leaving the country.
I am not spending another winter here.

 A few days ago i got the strangest urge to wear these shoes that haven't seen the light of day since i put them in the basement in 2004... imagine if i'd thrown them out!? But of course i wouldn't...

Me and Allan had a very successful shopping trip today; i found my dream boots plus a sweet vintage denim vest and a very soft, used t-shirt and Allan got himself (another) denim jacket... a really nice one

All this looking for a home with no success is pretty depressing, but on the plus side, i'm getting very good at street names, and i pretty much know exactly what an apartment is supposed to cost in various neighborhoods.
So that's something.

Not much socializing going on these days. Not even with each other.
Allan is busy painting flash for London, and i'm just doing my best to be out of his way.
It's a drag, but it's temporary, and i'm very proud of him for all the progress he's making.
I'm supportive-wife.
Hey, maybe London will be fun this year?*

*Hopeful, naive font.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Some weeks on instagram and some words from right now

I am totally beginning to catch up on the instagram posts, aren't i?
If i keep this up, maybe the weekly feature will become, well, weekly again soon.

My getting back in shape (or just in shape, depending on how you look at it) is going pretty well.
I ordered a couple more dvd's on amazon cause they're really cheap and it's good to have some variety when you're as easily bored and distracted as me.
I'm not tired of the "6 week Six-pack" yet, though, in fact i'm only just getting to the point where i can get through the whole routine without pausing for almost-fainting and almost-puking.
And i'm still on level 1.
I also got a Danish yoga dvd with nighttime exercises, so i have something to do in the evening on days when i don't have time for the morning workout.
I tried it once, and while it was a little too focused on relaxation (i have a hard time turning my brain off) it did provide for some serious stretching that i could feel the next day. 
I'm also eating less crap, or at least trying to, and the crap i do eat is healthier than the crap i used to eat.
Like, making homemade organic popcorn with olive oil instead of eating a can of Pringles.
Yeah, i still snack, i gots to!
So yeah, baby steps, i certainly don't look different, but on the days i exercise before work, i'm filled with energy, and that alone is reason to keep this going.

Thanks or the support and suggestions on this post, if you have other good ideas for getting fit and healthy, please do share!

Click for a bigger view
(1. The almost obligatory pizza shot 2. Darth memory-stick, another cool present from Adam 3. Gary! 4. Bob! 5. First of the Conspiracy grown tomatoes 6. Before i cut my hair, but after i dyed it 7. Amazing Arcade Fire 8. Flowers for a funeral 9. Viva Buffy! 10. Magical M. Ward  11. These books have stolen my soul 12. 105 Yen shoes and some frilly socks 13. Mucha bookmark 14. Allan rode me to work while i was sick 15. I like this picture cause my hair looks pretty and you can't see my face 16. This face i like 17. Deer skull from Bisserup being cleaned at the shop 18. Cacti in pretty pots at home 19. Vesterbro 20. Lazy feet 21. Reading in the park on a sunny day 22. Shonen Knife! 23. Bored 24. Stressed 25. Love 26. Best homemade burger 27. Goodnight 28. Future projects)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Instaprague, praguestagram and pictures from my phone

I still. Haven't finished. That. Damn. Film.
It's on 36 now, and everytime i take a picture, it's still on 36.
And there's nothing worth taking a picture of in this town.
It's filthy, for one thing.
The lakes are full of green goo and vintage trash from the fall of 2010, there's dog poop and busted up, badly parked bicycles on every sidewalk, construction is so out of control that it has become a permanent part of the cityscape, and to top it all off, every lamppost in the city has about 3-10 ugly ass election posters on them. I can't even begin to tell you how sick i am of their phony politician faces staring down at me when i ride home from work in the rain.
Yeah, it's raining too.

It's kinda the opposite of Prague, one might say.
I had a mixed trip, i think i said that already, illness and anxiety are always working against me, but i wasn't too far gone to appreciate the beauty of this place, and how much effort they must put into making it the clean and friendly tourist mecca that is.
And i certainly appreciated the romantic alone time with my love as well.
We couldn't have picked a better spot to celebrate our 10 years as husband and wife.
Until the real pictures get here (if they're any good, that is), i'm gonna settle and post a few from the iPhone.

Out walking that first night, met a lonely book on a trashcan


 Best weather imaginable... almost too good


Their language is cooler than ours

We found owls! Huge owls! I can't wait to see Allan's pictures of these guys

 All buildings were beautiful

View from the top

 Karlův Most


If i'd been able to eat at all, i would have bought one of these

View from the second Mucha exhibit in one day

 As usual, click to go bigger
(1. Traveling light 2. Czech Airlines 3. Our room at the lovely Mucha hotel 4. Pretty inside too, kind of important 5. Night time walk 6. September 3rd 2001 7. We didn't go there, but their posters where awesome 8. That view 9. That bridge 10. Those churches 11. The police did this... in Copenhagen they're more likely to beat up your dog 12. Souvenir)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

As if

I've answered so many emails today, i've come to that point where words don't make so much with the sense anymore.
So don't go expecting a wordy post.
And it's not just my brain that's fried right now, my body is too.
Yes, i started working out in the morning again, and you guys, it is brutal.
And i'm only on level one!
But it feels good to be exercising again. Right now i don't even know why i stopped (oh, yes i do actually; a friend moved into my livingroom so i couldn't work out there... but i still should have gotten back into it much sooner).

To be realistic, i couldn't get a six-pack if i did this 6 times a day for 6 years, but it's still a good workout, and my belly needs it the most!

I'm skipping tomorrow morning cause we're taking an early trip to the hardware store for shelves and stuff for the shop (something i am way too excited about), but since i don't have a goal here, every other day seems reasonable to me.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Evolution of an outfit

You know those days where you really need to vent on the internet, but the last thing you can do is vent on the internet?
Yeah, i'm having one of those days.
But i've also had a busy, but short day at work, and i love those.
So at least there's that.
But you know what makes me happy?
Seeing how happy you guys where to have comments back.
I'm sure the excitement will die out soon enough, but it was nice that so many of you felt like leaving a comment.
And that you care at all. Obviously that's nice too.

Coralene asked about the hat i wore to the wedding, so i decided to do a post about that whole outfit.
See, comments back is working for me already!
Anyway, it wasn't that my outfit was the important one that day, because duh, the bride and all that, but for once i had the whole thing planned in my head, and then it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to after all.
But here it is anyway; the picture that inspired my outfit, and what went wrong.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Frida Kahlo, and for the wedding i'd wanted to wear colors similar to these

I'd already made this headband a long time ago, also inspired by her and the way she wore flowers in her hair

It would be better if i had gorgeous long hair to braid, but you gotta work with what you got

 I bought this dress from Mama Stone on eBay, but it didn't arrive in time, and when it finally did, there was a ransom to be paid... so this dress ended up being very expensive, and due to the lack of summer, i haven't even had a chance to wear it yet

Instead i ended up wearing this dress, that i bought in Tokyo a few years back... not quite the same, but whatever, it's a nice dress, right?*

As for shoes i was supposed to wear these, but the weather was so bad i ended up wearing the boots i got in Texas a couple of years ago....sorry i only have these crappy insta-pictures to show for this very long build-up, but hey, like i said, this post may be about me and what i wore, but the day wasn't!

So in conclusion, i looked nothing like Frida, and you wouldn't be able to tell what inspired my look unless i told you, but it was fun going for something specific instead of just throwing random things together like i normally would have done.

I still haven't finished that Prague film. There's probably only one picture left, but i can't find anything worth photographing here!
Maybe tomorrow i'll have better luck, and if not, i'll let them have it anyway.
The suspense is killing me!

*Picture taken in the fitting room the day i bought it, there hasn't been another hair disaster since last week!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

This, that and a bad haircut

I've been struggling with that whole comments on/comments off dilemma for a long time now.
You may have noticed.
Comments-off was actually working pretty well for me for a while, but i could tell that the blog was a more interesting place to visit back when people could share their thought with me and with other readers, and according to my stats, ahem, others felt that way too.
But what to do; i hate the way you can't reply to individual comments in Blogger, and i wasn't about to switch to Wordpress just because of that.
But still, i was too lazy to sit around and copy/paste people's names every time i wanted to reply to a comment, and if i didn't, well, then it got confusing.
There where other reasons too, for the comments-off months, and i think i mentioned them here before, but while i can't do anything about those, i could do something about the comment section itself.
See, i noticed that my blog buddy Nova had a fancy comment section on her blog, even though she's on Blogger too, so i decided to give that a go.

So far, i like it ok, although there seems to be one huge con; i can't switch comments off at all.
And i would like to have some posts comment free, just once in a while.
But it doesn't look like that's an option here, which is too bad, but since i went through all the trouble of setting this up (note: it took, like, 10 minutes, but i wasn't in the mood for it, so it's a big deal now), i guess i'll give it a chance anyway.
So, comment away if you like, even the closed posts of the past many months are now wide open to whatever input or pun or snappy comeback you may have had in your system at the time you read them!

In other news, i am home alone, reading a book that's making me super sad.
In other, other news, i got a haircut that i hate, and i'll putting my hair in a (now ridiculously small) ponytail until that shit grows back out, thankyouverymuch!

It started out ok, then it got really flat and started to look like a helmet, and then i noticed just how much had been cut off.... months wasted...

The camouflage hair-do, complete with homemade headband

Oh, i already don't like having comments back on...
I was feeling so safe and comfortable, and now i feel all vulnerable again.
Be nice, ok?

Friday, September 9, 2011

... and they lived happily ever after

I'm about two months late with this post, and i honestly didn't think anyone had noticed my slacking, until i saw Martin on Monday, and he asked me what the hell happened to his wedding post.
I guess my irregular posting doesn't always go unnoticed.
But i did put up a teaser, and that's something, right? No?*

Ok, then, here's the official "Martin and Christel Got Married" post.

The ceremony took place at Assistens Cemerety in Copenhagen, and while the weather was crappy most of the day, it did stop raining for the short time we were outside... good people, good weather karma, right?

After the ceremony we went to Copenhagen Skatepark were Martin and Christel had spent hours decorating the night before

More balloons, and my head watching the happy couple open their wedding presents

The night was full of good food, speeches and surprises; here Martin is serenading his new bride with the help of our old friend Sune Grip

The bridal waltz was followed by a romantic dance, that i tried my best to capture in the dark...

I think it worked...

... with a little help from my friend photoshop, that is

... and from the instamagram (click for a much larger view)
 (1. Wrong dress because of the post office and wrong shoes because of the weather 2. Allan and Eckel clean up good 3. Saying their "I do's" 4. Just married! 5. Champagne ice cream, from you-know-where 6. Kitty berries 7. Eckel and Corey 8. Cake overload 9. Drunk on my ass, waiting on a falafel)

We had a super fun night, talking, eating and drinking, dancing with Helle and Michael and sucking helium from the balloon decorations with my mom, who stayed almost as late as we did.
Martin and Christel were showered with awesome gifts and love from their friends and families, so i think they had a pretty wonderful time too. 
It was, by far, the most spectacular wedding i've ever been to, but i'd expect nothing less from these two!
Check out Christel's blog for more wedding goodness.

*Ok, so i didn't actually have that many pictures. At least not that many good ones!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another app, another test...

Remember back when I used to try and blog from my phone and it looked like crap, so I had to go back on the computer and edit it and then what's the point, so I stopped doing that?
That might be happening again.
Or maybe not.
This app might be different.
Because this is the official Blogger app, the one whose non-existence I've been complaining about often and loudly for years.
Taking that into consideration, you'd think my expectations would be pretty high, but I've been burned before.
But I'm hopeful. Maybe it too little, (way) too late, but maybe not?
I'll know in a few hours (or tomorrow) when I check on my computer.
Until then, if you're on Blogger too, the app is out and it's free, so why not join me?

Update: Already a little disappointed with the lack of posting options, like comments on/off... but on the plus side, blog looks pretty normal!

Back home

So, we're back. Have been for a few days actually, but with us working late, and me having sold my soul to A Song of Ice and Fire, there hasn't been much time to blog.
Also, i didn't actually finish the film i brought to Prague in Allan's Lomo.
Not that there wasn't lots of stuff to take pictures of, because holy crap, was there ever stuff to take pictures of. It's just that i got sick on the second day, and after that, even lifting the camera was a bit of a struggle.
So that sucked.
But the part where i got to spend some quality time in a new (old) city with my love, that part did not suck.

Anyway, more pictures and stories when i finish that film!

A view from the castle

Friday, September 2, 2011

That week on instagram, and also, i'm out of here

When you read this, i will be on my way to Prague.
Or in Prague, even.
The weather there looks amazing and i can't wait to do some serious walking and picture taking with my man.
I'm excited to see the hotel too. It looked cute in pictures.
I won't be bringing my laptop along this time, so no posts until i'm back.
Also, as usual, i forgot to check the internet situation there anyway.
I'm hoping for just a little wi-fi here and there.

This insta-collage is mostly from mid August when we came back from vacation and went to this party.
The next one should be more up to date.
Have a nice weekend, everyone!

(Click picture for bigger view)
(1. I forgot this guy in the Bisserup insta-post! 2. The city welcomed us with pouring rain and black skies 3. At the shop, preparing for burlesque madness 4. Party nails 5. Party lips 6. While getting ready, first layer of white powder applied 7. My boobs made it to the popular page... 8. Mille 9. Me 10. Lucifer looked on, probably confused 11. Me again 12. Sofie  13. The next day was spent on the couch with this 14. ... and these guys 15. The Conspiracy tomatoes 16. A nice little salad17. Present from Adam 18. I don't have much time to read, so i'm still on this one 19. Pooch 20. Cacti 21. Plant projects 22. Windowsill 23. We've been sucked back in 24. Gross, but pretty)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Future us

This post, although barely started, i already in danger of becoming one of those "this is what i've been up to lately" posts, and i hate those.
They make me feel like i'm constantly behind schedule and i need to catch up, when really, i don't.
So instead i'll do the opposite; i'll skip ahead.

This weekend marks a special date for me and my husband.
This Saturday, it'll be 10 years since we got out of a rented limo and into a crappy little chapel on the strip in Las Vegas, just the two of us, to get married.
10 whole years.
I remember how we, in the early days of our marriage, used to sit around and fantasize about what it would be like to be married for 10 years, looking forward to it even, and then all of a sudden, it just happened. And here we are.
Well, we're both alive and we're both still happy to be in this marriage, and that's kinda huge.

I never regretted running off to Vegas and having a simple, cheap ceremony.
I was never the type of girl who dreamed of a big wedding, or dreamed of a wedding at all, so being just the two of us suited me just fine.
But the thing about eloping is that you don't get to have a party and celebrate with your friends and family, and although i never missed that, i always promised myself and my people that it would happen sometime.
And that sometime was to be our 10 year anniversary.
10 years, that's a long time to plan something, that's waaaay in the future. Right?
As it turns out, future-Allan and future-Amalie are as bad at planning ahead as our past selves were.
And 10 years can sneak up on you. Really, they can.

A few days ago we realized that we still hadn't planned anything. And that we didn't have room in our apartment for a whole lot of people. And it was too cold outside to have a party there.
And so, we did it again.
We decided to run.
We bought a cheap trip to Prague. Just the two of us.*
We'll only have one full day there, but we plan to just walk and walk and explore and have fun.
The perfect way to celebrate a marriage that started with two kids, alone in a new city.

Lately i've been sewing till my fingers bled (literally, i got blood on a white rose!)**

I was planning on bringing this awesome, old instamatic camera i found in my grandpas apartment to Prague with me, but it turns out you can get neither film nor batteries for this camera anymore.
And after Sweden, i really feel like taking less digital and more analog photos.
So i'll probably borrow Allan's Lomo for this trip.
That means it'll be a while longer before i can share Prague photos with you, but as always, just go to my instagram feed if you wanna see what i'm up to.

*I feel bad about leaving my Prague Ratter at home, and flying off to his country of origin without him... but i'll see if i can find a nice Prazsky souvenir for him there.

**I finished the piece i've been working on yesterday, but i can't share cause it's for someone, and she should see it first. But soon, i hope!