Thursday, July 14, 2011


I hate to the the one talking about the weather, but summer here has been practically non-existent and frankly, it's making me sad.
I feel like the winter depression i never really got this year, has finally caught up with me.

We have some holiday time coming up soon, and if the weather doesn't improve, i think i'm just gonna stay home.
Actually, a stay-cation would probably turn out to be a good thing for the shop since there are so many things we need to build, and a few other things that need to be finished in order for us to move on with our grand dreams of printing our own t-shirts and developing our own photos (and we also kinda need to find new people who can do them, since our builders have completely stopped coming around... sigh).

Yesterday was day one of project "clearing out grandpa's apartment" and it went really well.
We worked hard all day, got a lot done, shared some good stories about the old guy, and i of course ended up keeping way too many of his things.
Some because i could really use them, and others just because they reminded me of him.
I've been sharing some of my finds on instagram, but i will be posting them here too.
My apartment now smells like cigar and cologne, and for the first time in my life, i don't mind one bit.

This is from... Tuesday? When the weather was nice enough for me to wear a skirt (also, i got a haircut that day, but it's hard to tell cause she flattened it with one of those hair torture devices i don't use myself)

Besides finishing the wedding hat, i almost finished a forgotten GIANT lily hairpiece, and i made a little painting too

I'm dealing with my grandfathers death pretty well, if i may say so myself, but i'm still not quite ready to write about it. The other stuff too... "stuff" being just life in general, i guess.
Soon, though. I think i need to.