Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hong Kong randomness

"Nelsons Dance Studio"

Pacific Coffee, Nicks "morning" hangout

Shrine somewhere in the Hong Kong version of Roppongi


Our hotel from the café

Ladies market, after closing time

Neon glow

Signs for dummies?


Sham Shui Po

Ok, dog, if you pose all fancy like that, i will take your picture

A roller-coaster on the top floor inside the Dragon Center... you could not pay me to get on that thing 

View up from the roof of the shop

I never did get a good shot of the harbor no matter how many times i tried, but maybe someday Allan will post his

A visit to the café Nick painted last year led to some awkwardness, but it was worth it to see this in person

 Waiting in the mini bus


Mosaic pandas

More to come...