Friday, July 15, 2011

Chi Lin Nunnery and other Hong Kong shenanigans

My many Hong Kong posts got derailed by my dying grandfather, but i've been meaning to catch up.
Maybe there won't be as many as i'd planned, but since i actually edited pictures at the hotel every day while we were there, i feel like i at least have to post those. Right?

On our 7th day in Hong Kong we decided to get up a little earlier than the other days (still not early at all) and head out for some touristy stuff without Nick.
Rob had recommended a nunnery he'd been to with his mom, and since we knew the name of the place and the station, we figured we'd be ok without a map or a guide.
It was insanely hot that day.
We found the nunnery without any problems and it was pretty wonderful, just the kind of place we like to visit when we're in Japan, which means Nick would have absolutely hated it, so going without him was a good call.

There, of all places, we found wi-fi, so i instagrammed this picture


Cloudy, but don't let that fool you... it was hot

There was a small rain shower, kind of a refreshing change


Sweet pond

Across the street in Nan Lian Garden

Two melting tourists

A small swamp-ish pond with a whole gang of very loud frogs


We wanted to eat at their vegetarian restaurant, but they were only serving afternoon tea, so Allan had some delicious cheesecake and i had equally awesome radish puffs

The window we sat by was a waterfall, but i couldn't capture its shadows on his face

I will NOT hold the handrail and make it a safe journey, you meddling bastard!
You weren't allowed to take pictures here, but i played the dumb tourist and snapped one... you can even see the little guard on the left coming for me

The rest of the day is described in my iPhone notebook as follows, without editing:
"Back to station, took mtr to Mongkok, changed, got off at TST and went to two malls. Allan bought books and i went to Lowrys. They're so slow here. I did some shopping and had a fun little moment with a dude* who stopped me on the way out to ask it he could photograph me some time. I gave him my card, so maybe next year! Picked up Allan at Starbucks and we walked to the harbor. Pretty. Picked up Nick and Rob. They're impossible. All they wanna do is go to pubs and drink! Went food-hunting and ate at a Japanese place that practically chased us out when they were closing. Took a cab to secret café. Drank cold yogurt drinks. Fun cab ride home. Ate some snacks and fell asleep around 3."

*Frank the art student... i forgot about that.