Monday, June 13, 2011

This week on instagram (actually, more like "the past two and a half weeks on instagram")

It's been a while since my last insta-post here and even though i didn't have a lot of internet access while in Hong Kong, and therefore couldn't update it much, i still have a lot of catching up to do.
Or actually, you do, i was there for the whole thing.
Anyway, here are the insta-highlights from the last two weeks or so.

Click picture for a bigger view
(1. Moomin cup at Helsinki airport on our way to Hong Kong 2. My legs and me watching Animal Planet in our hotel room 3. Nick, Allan, me and Rob in Hong Kong 4. The view of Mong Kok from our room 5. Turtles in a pond in Kowloon Park 6. Amalie the Tourist in the Chi Lin nunnery
7. Mango jelly with condensed milk 8. Milk tea at 2 am. 9. My crazy long nails
10. Airplane snacks for the trip home 11. More moomin action in Helsinki 12. Lucifer, back in daddy's arms 13. At the hospital 14. Reunited with the posse 15. Panda socks 16. Allan, Liam and Marika at Kalaset 17. Me in my Hasbeens 18. A sweet present for my office 19. Barbecue night 20. Kitty snacks 21. At the shop on Sunday 22. Allan drinks a giant coke 23. Hong Kong souvenirs 24. Lucifer in his basket)