Friday, June 10, 2011

Star ferry

Our first full day in Hong Kong was... interesting.
Not all in a good way.
The heat was intense. It would get way hotter later that week, but on that first day i was just not prepared for it.

After breakfast at the hotel, and morning coffee at Nicks regular hangout, we took the mtr to Tsim Sha Tsui, from where we got on the ferry to Central.
The ferry was lovely, even for someone with absolutely no sea legs like me, but at that point i was already feeling woozy and dizzy from the jetlag, and i was definitely not drinking enough water.
We walked around, and in Hong Kong walking around often mean walking up a hill, and the more we walked, the worse i felt. Even Allan was feeling it a little, and got all pale a few times.
It really hit me when we went inside a cool, air conditioned café and i almost fained in the bathroom.
I won't get too much into it, but let me just say that jetlag + dehydration + power walking + anxiety =  me hurrying the fuck back to the hotel room for a nap and a panic attack.

After a few hours at the hotel, i met up with Allan, Nick, the other Nic and Rob by the harbor (more about those guys later), and i felt better for sure, but the feeling of not being in control stuck with me for a few days.
I hate not feeling normal, and feeling like my body is keeping me from doing the things i wanna do, but on the other hand, there's a lot to be said for knowing your own limitations , and for the rest of the trip we adapted to our hosts irregular sleep pattern and stayed the hell out of the midday sun.

Our sweet ride

Nick and his beloved mister Softie ice cream

The wardrobe that day

Seriously, that gangway is not messing around

Yesterday was far better than our first day back.
We hung out with Liam and Marika on Vesterbro all day.
We went to brunch (which was oh so good), ate ice cream (even better), hung out at the dog park, had pizza (ok, so the day was mostly about us eating, i guess), and got the two newcomers caught up on Game of Thrones, so we can watch the two episodes we missed while in Hong Kong tonight.
This morning the Canadians (sorry, Corey, the other Canadians) moved their stuff from the hotel to our place, so  we can hang out 24-7.
I'm predicting a weekend of silly-youtube-video-watching!

My grandfather is still alive, by the way, and still doing ok.
We're trying to spread out the visits, so we don't all come wear him out on the same day, and my brother went to see him yesterday.
According to Tobias he was in a goo mood, had been sitting up, and also hallucinating quite a bit from the morphine!
Don't feel sorry for him because of that, though, he's told me on several occasions that he rather enjoys that part!
I'll go see him on Sunday, and hopefully there'll be more good news then.


  1. That's right, 'other canadians'... :)

    hope to meet them soon! Very soon infact...

  2. oh that piggy and monkey video is too cute! this is why animals are better than people :)