Tuesday, June 14, 2011


These pictures was from day one too, i think?
Yeah, they were, and i believe i already told you some of what happened that day.
But i didn't tell you that we went up the worlds longest covered outdoor escalators, did i?
Well, we did.
Some of the way, anyway.

I was trying to take a picture of these guys...

But first, this happened

Buildings so tall, skies so blue

We could use about a thousand of these in Copenhagen (but really, just one would be nice)

I didn't ask him to look like a tard, i swear!

Hong Kong, city of interesting desserts

I think maybe this type was from Macau?

Giant straw!

Another thing i failed to mention is that i kept an iPhone journal while i was in Hong Kong.
With no internet, and therefore no blogging, i knew i'd forget everything if i didn't do something, so i wrote down little keywords every day to remember.

I wasn't really planning on posting anything from the journal here, but i just decided that i wanna share a few excerpts once in a while when i post about Hong Kong.
This one is from that day, obviously translated from Danish, but otherwise not edited:

"I took a taxi back to the hotel, relaxed, but got even more sad and anxious from being alone. I cried when i watched a show about elephants, where a baby elephant panicked and the whole herd gathered around it to comfort and protect. I wanted to be that elephant and have that kind of protection and safety.
Took taxi back to Star ferry, watched a bit of the light show. After that mister softie, taxi to Jordan, met up with the other Nic and ate good food. Walked to temple street market. Bought magnets, postcards, patches. Nice walk, i felt better.
Went to sleep really late."