Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My head is all messed up today.
Maybe it's the allergies i never suspected i had until a few weeks ago, maybe it's the massive head cold that makes my spew out snot by the liter, maybe it's lack-of-summer sadness. Maybe it's the funeral tomorrow.
Whatever the reason, i'm just not in a writing mood.

But i do have my guys, and they do make me happy.
Especially when they fall asleep on the couch holding hands (paws?) and refuse to let go, even when i try to wake them up.

Sunday night, someone looks like a silly dog (yes, he's actually sleeping)

Yup, holding hands

Sweetest boys ever

They shifted positions, but didn't let go

Oh, and here's me and my boy, on our Monday morning walk to the coffee shop

Today i found out that i'll be joining Allan, and a bunch of friends, at Roskilde festival this weekend.
I wasn't planning on going, but getting a free ticket is always a nice surprise.
We're also going to Bisserup on Saturday to celebrate my dad's birthday, as well as the 50th anniversary of the day my parents met.
Life seems so... huge sometimes, doesn't it?