Thursday, June 9, 2011


Coming home yesterday morning was a bit of a mixed experience.
My parents called us to say that they were in town with Lucifer. A pleasant surprise, or so i thought, since we weren't supposed to see them and the dog until the 11th.
But the reason they were in town was not a good one. My grandfather was in the hospital after falling in his apartment and breaking both his hip and shoulder.
He's been falling a lot recently, but until now he'd been lucky to not break anything.
It was a shock, but truthfully, i was just happy he was alive.
Him dying while i'm off somewhere getting my travel on continues to be one of my worst nightmares.

We took a nap with Lucifer, who was so happy to see us, before meeting up with my mom and going to the hospital in Jean-Luc.
The weather was amazing and the hospital somehow seemed a little less depressing than usual, and my grandfather was in good spirits, considering the circumstances.
He looked so frail, though, frail and bruised, but that's to be expected when you're almost 94 and keep hitting the ground like a sack of potatoes (his words, not mine).
We hung out for a few hours, gave him flowers and souvenirs, and tried to cheer him up.
It's difficult to predict what's gonna happen to my grandfather, but we're all gonna try and stay positive and encourage him through what will no doubt be a difficult rehabilitation.

After we dropped off the car at home, me and Allan went to the shop, me riding in front of his bike with Lucifer and two tomato plants my mom got for me. We were still so jetlagged, in fact i hadn't stopped having vertigo since to flight to Hong Kong, but it was still great being out, and especially seeing Lucifer in such a great mood.
I had to tend to my plants in the shop, and we'd made plans to meet up with Marika and Liam, who'd just arrived in Denmark too.
They came soon after us, and after hanging at the shop for a bit, we went to dinner at Kalaset.
The weather took a turn for the worse while we were walking there, and we were all soaking wet when we got to the café, but we got a table and some good food, and had a really nice night with our friends.

We ended our day on the couch with Corey and Eckel, eating Swedish cheese poofs and watching the first episode of Whale Wars season 4.
It was a great way to end a really strange and emotional day.

The stupid fucking hospital
The awesome fucking dog (and tomato plants... yes, people stare)

 Marika and Liam brought amazing presents from Stan and themselves and this one was obviously for me

 Spooky trio at dinner

 Reunited with the besties

More blogging tomorrow, or later, depending on how well my brain works after pizza and old episodes of Game of Thrones.*
I believe i owe y'all some Hong Kong posts, right?

*I haven't watched the last two ones yet, so no spoilers!


  1. Still sending love to morfar!!

    And scratch pizza for BBQ and we are golden. The sun is out (a bit), hopefully it stays!!

  2. The other canadians are caught up (and we did eat pizza too... awesome!)
    Can't wait for bbq and new episodes tonight!

  3. oh no sorry to hear about your grandfathers fall, hope he recovers soon - keep us posted with how he's getting on.

  4. sorry to hear about, your morfar, hope he gets better soon. silly damn old people, all they do is worry us!

    i love that cushion behind Corey's head! :)

  5. So sorry to hear about you grandfather... I hope he gets well soon!