Saturday, May 21, 2011

The other Asia

Today it's only a little over a week before we go to Hong Kong, and i'm actually not even sure i've mentioned here that we are in fact going to Hong Kong...
Have i?
The trip happened because we had a few weeks set aside for a vacation, but with visitors coming on both sides, it somehow turned into just a little more than a week.
And where do you go when you don't really know where to go, and you don't wanna hang out at home, and you don't want your husband to get conned into doing a guest spot somewhere?
You go to Hong Kong to see your best friend.
So that's what we're doing.

I've probably mentioned this here before, but traveling for me is always super stressful right up until the point when i'm actually on the plane and unable to change a thing.
I'm never excited until i am at my destination, but this is different somehow.
I've been excited for weeks now, and i'm still not feeling a lot of stress when i think about going.
I attribute this change to three things:

1. It's a short trip, so there's not much going on at home we need to worry about
2. I know nothing about Hong Kong, apart from what Nick has told me, so i have few expectations besides just hanging out with him
3. We know exactly one person there, so we don't have to rush to see a lot of friends and worry about not spending enough time with someone

Also, Nick found a really nice hotel, and it even has a pool.

We've been going out a lot lately, or at least it feels like we have... this was taken at a Graveyard show on Wednesday (yes, i am still an excellent iPhone-concert-photographer and yes, that is a psychedelic hypno-owl!)

Here's me and Lucifer after a successful vet-appointment on Thursday

At the concert on Wednesday i was approached by a reader of this blog (hello again!) who told me to get back into regular posting, so i will try harder to do that.
Also, how awesome is it to meet readers? So awesome! I hope i'm not too much of a let down in real life!
Anyway, Allan just gave me a little corner of his fort to use for a desk until i find one for myself, and hopefully that will make me wanna sit down at the computer more often.

Ps. The apocalypse is an hour and a half late... should i be worried about having spent my life savings on hookers and booze?


  1. pfft it's always nice to see you, and never a let down. silly!

    hope you have a great time, i can't wait to have a holiday! and hopefully it'll be to CPH :) Tivoli?

  2. awesome! hk sounds amazing!