Saturday, May 28, 2011

This week on instagram (and also, see you later)

Yes, it would seem like this feature is here to stay.
At least i hope so, as i am rather enjoying it myself.

I've been feeling not great ever since last Friday, and because i'm a worrier, it's starting to worry me a little.
But there's not much to be done about it, as i'm not really sick enough to see a doctor, and i'm leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow anyway.
I hope i can sleep on the flight, and wake up in a new country, feeling like a new person.

Click picture for a bigger view
(1. A rare, jogger-free moment by the lakes 2. A hat i sold at the shop on Tuesday 3. Trek helps when i'm not feeling well 4. English breakfast tea with steamed milk in a WotW mug 5. Wonderful vegan breakfast at Eckel's place 6. More Trek in bed
7. Hat progress and some good, old hip hop tunes 8. My plants are doing so well i almost feel bad about leaving them 9. Eckel's ice cream this morning
10. A not-a-hat project 11. After a night out with the gang 12. My bike and my oxfords after a rainy ride home from work)

I hate that there are no pictures of Corey, and Sarah who's visiting from Berlin, but i'll have to try and fix that tomorrow before we leave for the airport.

As usual when i travel, i don't really know what my internet situation is like until i get there, but i will blog while i'm there, somehow.
Maybe not as frequent as this week (did you all notice just how frequent the posts have been? hella frequent!) but i will blog.
I even packed my camera, so there might be something other than shitty iphone shots, for a change.

Nice and light, just the way i like it

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lucifer takes the wheel

On Sunday we went to the flea market on Refshalevej.
The flea market itself was super boring, and we weren't finding much of anything, so the whole trip would have been kind of a waste if it wasn't for Lucifer putting on a show on the way there.
Ok, we did also get to hang out, and me and Corey got a few things for the shop, but mostly; Lucifer.
Dogs, man, they're a source of endless entertainment.

All of a sudden, for reasons unknown, the little guy just needed to go sit with Allan instead of me

 It was a little awkward at first, but they both got comfortable, and Lucifer got to hang out with his dad for the rest of the ride

Silly, awesome dog.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Maybe next year

I was so convinced that this was gonna be the year my rhododendron would blossom.
Then my mom came by the shop and said it's probably just sprouting new leaves.
And she's probably right.
Still pretty, though.

Kinda looks like some flower action, no?*

*Please say yes, so i feel like less of an idiot.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sakura no more

A few weeks ago we went to the Copenhagen Sakura Festival, a Japanese cherry blossom viewing and cultural event that has been happening for a few years, but that we for some reason never visited before.
Probably because we're such friggin hermits.
But this year we went, and what do you know, there were no cherry blossoms in sight!
I did think it was a little late for it, but figured the organizers knew what they were doing, but when it comes to nature, i guess it's not always easy to plan.
But we had a good time anyway.
We had some edamame, some curry and some onigiri, and ran into Young and Rasmus too.

When it was over, we swung by the statue of the little mermaid, a pretty famous tourist attraction in Copenhagen, but one Allan for some reason had never seen.
He was not impressed, by the way, much to the surprise of absolutely no one.
I like her, though.

National treasure

Our four bikes, all chained up together
 (From left to right: Corey, Allan, Eckel and me... Eckel's bike is so thin you can barely see it in the picture!)

Lucifer in the sun

Monday, May 23, 2011

Little things

Saturday afternoon i was still feeling a little queasy from the night before, but the sun was shining and it looked so lovely out, and i just really wanted to be outside with Allan and Lucifer.
The timing was bad because Allan, who hates being outside even under normal circumstances, had just picked up his brand new iMac and wanted nothing more than to stay at home and play with his new toy.
But i managed to talk him into coming with me. With the promise of coffee and a pizza slice, of course.


This dress is just begging to be dyed black, but in the meantime...


If you didn't know any better, you'd almost think Allan enjoyed lying in the park with me, right?
Trust me, he does not.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

This week on instragram

A new feature on a blog that does not have "features" at all?
Sure, why not.

Since my addiction to instagram doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, and i don' want to post too many instragram pictures here on the blog (i hate double posting, and it's triple if you count the syncing with twitter, and let's face it, they look better in a low resolution anyway), i figured i could do a "best of thing" once in a while.
I might be a horrible idea, who knows, but i won't know unless i try.*
Here goes!

Click picture for a bigger view
(1. Allan in the drawing room 2. Camel toe on Star Trek TNG 3. Riding to a show on Allan's bike 4. Going home in Jean-Luc after visiting my grandpa 5. Hiding in the drawing room at work 6. Lucifer in the sun
7. Allan's new computer 8. Allan's fancy butt crack 9. Barbecue night at Conspiracy Inc.
10. Me getting tattooed by Eckel 11. Broken taxidermy birds 12. My baby and me in the park on a sunny day)

*Please don't give me a hard time if you've seen this somewhere before. I don't really read blogs these days, so i have no idea if others have though of this, but i suppose it's entirely possible that other bloggers are doing this too.

Food, friend, and foe

On Friday we had our second barbecue night of the year.*
We had lots of good food, good company, and generally had a great time, but of course i went and got sick.
I can never remember how much i've shared with you about my various illnesses, so i won't get into too much detail, but by now it's probably no secret that me and food have a complicated relationship.
That totally sounded like i have bulimia or something, didn't it?
Well, i don't, but what i do have is bad enough.
However, i haven't had any complications in a long time, and when things are going well, like they have been, i tend to get careless and forget about my condition all together.
And so, i got ill, and it really sucked that i had to go and ruin a nice evening like that.
But up until it got bad, it was good. And also, i have some good people in my life who take good care of me.

We moved everything outside, and i gotta say; much better than eating in the kitchen

After dinner, Allan got some slightly Satanic thumb tattoos by Eckel

I decided to join the fun too, only hand poke style instead... i may show you the result once it's healed

The trip home, however short, was awful, but when we got home, Allan put some Star Trek on the computer for me and i eventually fell asleep watching that
I'm feeling better now, but still, it was quite the wake up call.
I have to start putting some more thought into what i eat, and i definitely need to find a way to get more regular exercise now that living room work outs are not an option.

*I blogged about the first one on the other blog, so if you read that too, you may have already admired our fancy new grill.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I can't wait to do this in person.

The other Asia

Today it's only a little over a week before we go to Hong Kong, and i'm actually not even sure i've mentioned here that we are in fact going to Hong Kong...
Have i?
The trip happened because we had a few weeks set aside for a vacation, but with visitors coming on both sides, it somehow turned into just a little more than a week.
And where do you go when you don't really know where to go, and you don't wanna hang out at home, and you don't want your husband to get conned into doing a guest spot somewhere?
You go to Hong Kong to see your best friend.
So that's what we're doing.

I've probably mentioned this here before, but traveling for me is always super stressful right up until the point when i'm actually on the plane and unable to change a thing.
I'm never excited until i am at my destination, but this is different somehow.
I've been excited for weeks now, and i'm still not feeling a lot of stress when i think about going.
I attribute this change to three things:

1. It's a short trip, so there's not much going on at home we need to worry about
2. I know nothing about Hong Kong, apart from what Nick has told me, so i have few expectations besides just hanging out with him
3. We know exactly one person there, so we don't have to rush to see a lot of friends and worry about not spending enough time with someone

Also, Nick found a really nice hotel, and it even has a pool.

We've been going out a lot lately, or at least it feels like we have... this was taken at a Graveyard show on Wednesday (yes, i am still an excellent iPhone-concert-photographer and yes, that is a psychedelic hypno-owl!)

Here's me and Lucifer after a successful vet-appointment on Thursday

At the concert on Wednesday i was approached by a reader of this blog (hello again!) who told me to get back into regular posting, so i will try harder to do that.
Also, how awesome is it to meet readers? So awesome! I hope i'm not too much of a let down in real life!
Anyway, Allan just gave me a little corner of his fort to use for a desk until i find one for myself, and hopefully that will make me wanna sit down at the computer more often.

Ps. The apocalypse is an hour and a half late... should i be worried about having spent my life savings on hookers and booze?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When something is wrong with my baby...

I'm not really feeling today.
It's often like that when my Monday have either been good (it wasn't exactly that) or too busy to be bad (that's more like it).
Lucifer got a mean cough last night. Three, long cough attacks, that got so bad they made him throw up.
And one smaller one today too.
He seems otherwise fine. Happy, playful, good appetite.
I still took him to the vet and got an appointment on Thursday, which was the earliest they could give us.
I'm not freaking out, but i do hate it when he's not well. It makes me uneasy and sad.
He'll be fine, whatever it is that's bothering him, it'll pass.

I've been trying to ease my nerves with work, talking to Helle who was getting tattooed today, and gardening.
That last part is going kind of... mixed at the moment.
It seems like everything i plant in pots is growing fine, but everything i've planted in our little garden is just not happening.
I don't know, but i think the earth out there is bad. I find weird things in it too sometimes.
Or maybe i'm just not being patient enough?
Strike that, i am definitely not being patient enough!
Still, even with the poor results, i feel lucky to even have a shop with something resembling a garden, especially since we have nothing of the sort at home.

The office has become a gardening workshop, and i even have a little stepladder here, so i can easily get out of the window

I can't get to work on my current hat project until i hear back from the client, and with the state of my mood, it'd probably be better if i headed home soon.
At least it's Game of Thrones night, and that's a good thing!
Are you guys into it yet?
It's the new Walking Dead, in my opinion!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sooo, blogger has been down?

Honestly i wasn't aware until yesterday cause i haven't been on my computer for days.
We've once again had visitors, this time from Germany, and between hanging out with them and work, there hasn't been much time for interweb stuff. At least not the computer kind.
Thank god for twitter and instagram!

Now, where did i leave you last... around Lucifer's birthday?

It was a good birthday with lots of walks, snacks, cuddles and a mini burger (it's becoming tradition)

Lucifer also made a little friend who kept asking him to come out and play

Here i am with our dear friends Sascha and Anki on the couch Thursday night, minutes before we fell asleep to a movie

I've been doing some serious hat making...

... and a whole lotta not so serious gardening

I was lucky enough to find this goldmine of a container full of bricks

And with my newfound trash-treasure i built a little path in the little garden

I did a little bit of hat selling too, which is always so nice for me

Other amazing things that happened while i've been away: we purchased a grill for the shop, and had an amazing barbecue on Friday (i will post pictures of the magnificent beast on the shop blog) AND we had a maybe even more amazing (in my opinion) "Eurovision Song Contest homemade pizza night" of which i didn't take a single picture, because i was too busy baking, voting and live-tweeting, all at the same time!
But trust me when i said it was fun (for me, anyway!)*

Today is one of those Sundays that feels like a Saturday because we were at the shop all day yesterday.
Our Germans went back to hamburg no more than 20 minutes ago, and none of us really know what to do with the rest of our day off.
For now, i think i'm gonna take my dog for a proper walk.

*I voted for Ireland...
Ahem, sorry.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh, nothing much, just a picture of Lucifer

Even i am sick of these short posts, but they're all i have time for.
Still better than nothing, right?

Here's Lucifer, taking a nap on my foot at work today... he loves the  sunshine

By the way, my little boy turns 7 tomorrow.
He's still the best little puppy ever.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Over it

This day. This day is just the worst.
I've been sick with a cold for a little over a week now.
That part i almost can't complain about since the rest of the country seems to have been sick with all kinds of crazy flu's, and all i've gotten so far is a one week snot attack.
But today, a work day of course, i am feeling just miserable.
Weak in my body, my head hurts, and all i wanna do is sleep.
And of course this is the day that decides to be busy and full of surprises.
As in, surprise! Our carpenters, who have been MIA for a couple of months chooses today to send a guy to start working on the back room.
The back room that was full of crap, that i had to move since he's starting tomorrow.
It's dusty already.
I fucking hate dust.

Allan is having a crap day too, so we moved his number two appointment till Monday.
We never do that.
Tonight i just wanna curl up on the couch and think about the fact that it's almost weekend, and the weather might be turning awesome again soon.
Like it was last week.

Saturday we went to Jærgersborggade to say hi to Young who was selling off her stuff at the street fair

Going through the lovely Assistens Cemetery on our way to the shop where we took Eckel out for ice cream

We ate our ice cream and hung out by the lake

After hanging on Nørrebro we went by Phillips shop to see about a raven, and look at some of his crazy taxidermy art

Yeah, i want this

This one too

At night we made epic burgers, served with a side of Burger King fries... winning combo!

Corey has already celebrated her one week anniversary as a Dane, and so our little gang of three has become a gang of four*

*Ok, five if you include the dog, which i'm sure he'd insist i do if he could talk.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One week ago

I may or may not (note: i do) have a few mini-vacation posts left, but i wanna post some Copenhagen material too.
And most importantly, shoes! I wanna blog about my new shoes.
Ok, so a little over a week ago, Eckel's client Sandra came walking into the shop in these really fabulous shoes. Much to my surprise they were from h&m, but since it had been a few months since she bought them, i was almost 100% sure i wasn't gonna find them in stores now.
But the next day i went there anyway! I was planning to go there to check out the Swedish Hasbeens collection, and i even had an appointment with my dermatologist in that area, so i had a good excuse to be there and everything. There's always an excuse, right?
Well, i found the shoes. In two sizes. One too big and one too small.
But i liked them so much that i was prepared to buy the smaller pair and have them blocked. I was even standing in line to pay for them, when i saw a pair on display behind the counter. I asked to see them and, you guessed it; my size. Score!
I also bought a pair of the Swedish Hasbeens... and later one more.
They were really cheap and i haven't shopped in months, ok?
Seriously, can't you just let me be happy and buy some shoes for once?
Sheesh, enough with the guilt trip, you guys.

I took my new shoes for a walk by the lake the same day and they were fully awesome

There's so much junk in the lakes these days... at least the swans can find use for it

Living on the edge

Casualty of a culture that likes to mix drinking and cycling

Sandra, if you're reading, thanks for the tip.
You rock in so many ways!

Monday, May 2, 2011

In which Eckel finds a snake that's not really a snake at all

So, about that gardening work i mentioned in yesterdays post!
After our afternoon of relaxing and napping, we were helping my mom dig up some roots from a tree that had died a while back. The roots where crazy tough and it took all of us getting in there with various tools, and all of us getting more or less dirty, to get them up, but we succeeded.
But while removing the last, big one, Eckel saw something that to me looked like a giant earthworm, lying inside of the root. He removed it and much to my surprise it was not a giant earthworm, but a tiny snake!
Eckel asked me if i wanted to hold it, to which i answered "no, not really", until i quickly realized, that yes, of course i did!
I've never even seen one of these little guys before, and who knows if i ever will again?
It turns out that they're not actually snakes, by the way, but legless lizards.
So, two lizards in one weekend? Nature-score!

It's called a "Stålorm" in Danish, and a "Slow Worm" in English, and they are surprisingly strong, and, as you can see, pretty adorable too

We found a stack of wood and some tall grass nearby that the little guy could burrow into.
I hope he'll be happy there, and that he wasn't too upset with us for waking him and destroying his house.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another 500 miles

 As i wrote in the previous post, last Sunday we kidnapped Eckel for a day trip to the country.
We all had to work the next day, so we'd planned to go home the same night. It's a relatively short drive down there, and the weather was lovely, so a day trip to the country seemed like a great idea.
Also, shop roadtrip! Yeah, we were all pretty excited about that part.
Eckel hasn't been driving at all since he moved to Denmark, so he drove down there and back, and to no ones surprise he was an excellent driver, and got along very well with Jean-Luc.
We had so much fun driving down there, and i so hope we'll get to do it again soon.
Oh, and another awesome thing! Do you all remember back when we got Jean-Luc the Car and i made that CD to surprise Allan? In short, i made a CD that only had one annoying song on it, and it's pretty much the only CD we have in the car. If you don't remember, read the whole story here.
Anyway, the awesome thing was that we set a new record for how many times you can listen to said song in a row, and the record is... wait for it... 27!
Impressive, right?
Good times.


We stopped at a gas station that sold fuzzy dice, so of course we had to get them and pimp Jean-Luc, who is now officially the baddest car on the block

Snack-mission accomplished

Shorts weather!

When we arrived we went for a long walk

We fed the cows too

When we got back we put on summer hats and relaxed in the sun
We relaxed a lot

My husband is gorgeous, even wearing... this

Lots of sunscreen was applied, but i still got burned

 Lucifer cooled off in the grass

We helped my parents with some garden work (more on that in an upcoming post... don't worry, it's not as dull as it sounds!) and had a nice dinner before heading back to Copenhagen.
I usually fall asleep on the way home, but i actually stayed awake for the whole ride.
And no, we didn't listed to that song going home.
Although, to be honest, i totally could have.