Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunny days in Bisserup

It's seriously so hard blogging about stuff that happened last week, when this week has been so full of awesomeness too. Today alone we've been to a flea market, gone riding through Assistens Cemetery in the sun, picked up Eckel to go for ice cream, looked at awesome taxidermy, hung out at the lake and in ├śrstedsparken, made burgers and watched movies. Yeah, life is pretty sweet.
But i already uploaded these pictures from Bisserup a while back, and life was pretty sweet there too, so post them i must!

Allan and my dad in my parents' beautiful garden

In Danish daffodils are called "easter lilies"

Me and my boy relaxing in the garden

A walk by the water

We found a great, big lizard at the beach, bigger than any i've ever seen in Denmark

I got to take his picture and pet his tail before he ran off!

Happy foot

For about 20 years now, the blackbirds have been nesting right above the front door of one of the houses

Sunset from my mom's kitchen


We stayed in Bisserup from Thursday night to Saturday night (again, we're talking last weekend), where we went back to Copenhagen to meet up with the Cancer Bats guys again.
They were driving from Belgium to Stockholm, so they'd planned a sleepover in Copenhagen, and since we see them so rarely, it felt like a good idea to go meet up with them at the apartment.
I was already asleep when they arrived Saturday night, but the next morning we had time to go out for a nice brunch before they had to get back on the road.
We'd already decided to go back to Bisserup and we somehow managed to talk Eckel into going with us.
Shop roadtrip!
It was so awesome, and i actually have pictures from that day too, but since i haven't uploaded them yet, it'll have to wait. Also, i have a movie night to get back to in a few minutes when Allan, Eckel and Corey come back from their snack run.
But if you wanna read a little more about what we've been up to, maybe you should go check Corey's blog?
She's really trying to get back into regular posting, and i think some more comments will keep her motivated!


  1. Your parents' home is gorgeous!! I love your photos...they are like a little escape for me. :)

  2. Jeeeeeg elsker billed posts!! Fine fine fine billeder!!
    Looove love

  3. Hello =)
    I love your blog and your illustrations.
    If you want to publish on my blog your illustrations write me
    with love

  4. Jo, thank you so much!

    Uncle Allan, selv loooove!

    Samantha, since i don't actually love fur, or even like fur, like at all, i think it'd be a little weird to publish anything of mine on a fur blog. But thanks for the offer.

  5. WOW! Your parents' house is amazing! Do they offer any agriculture B&B so I can stay too? haha just a joke! Very nice photos! I can see you like sun. Just wonder if you do not worry about your tattoo to fade. Im asking as I am new tattoo collector and going for holiday soon and the last thing what I would like is damage my new tattoos. Any sun tips - apart from sun-cream?

    Take care :)


  6. Kamelia, Thye actually used to rent out the place before they moved there themselves, but not anymore!
    I do worry about the sun, in fact, i don't think i've fully enjoyed the sun since before i started getting tattoos. I tan easily, so i have to be extra careful.
    My first piece of advice would be to take extra care if your tattoos are new. They really shouldn't be exposed to sun or salt and chlorine water for about a month.
    My other tips, that i live by, are:
    -Stay out of the sun between approximately 12 and 3 pm
    -Use lots of high spf sunscreen and re-apply often
    -Bring a scarf with you during the day to cover up any tattoo exposed to the sun, especially if you're gonna be sitting in the sun for a long time
    -And for super new tattoos on the arms you can cut up a pair of tights and wear the tube on the arm. Looks ridiculous, but i've done it before with success!
    Have a great holiday!

  7. haha love the idea with the tights. I wonder what my boyfriend will say for that kind of free style :) My tattoos are 2 weeks old. From when can I start using sun protection then?

    Thanks for all the hints :)


  8. You're welcome. And i'm sure your boyfriend will like your new look! As long as the surface is healed and you don't have any scabs left, there shouldn't be a problem with using sunscreen on your tattoos. But still, do try to keep them out of the sun if you can.