Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh, happy day(s)

So, i am pretty much having the best non-vacation ever.
Spring is finally here, maybe even to stay*, and we're enjoying every second.
I've totally neglected work responsibilities, and just enjoyed being home with my husband and dog.
It's not very nice or very professional of me, but ignoring my inbox completely is the only way for me to get some serious time off.

Sunday we got up early to go check out an apartment. I didn't actually want the apartment, i was just curious, and apparently i now wanna move so bad that i'm looking at places on Vesterbro too. Confusing.
Anyway, we got there and there was no signs, no real estate people and no other potential buyers.
We knocked a few times and no one opened. Instead we heard voices from inside, having normal family conversations about who's time it was to shower and stuff like that.
So we looked at each other and i asked Allan: "should we run?" and he said yes, and so we got the hell out of there. I'd checked and double checked the date, time and address several times, because i suffer from anxiety that revolves around variations of that exact situation, so it was really weird actually being in it!
But fun too! We got the hell out of there and went to the coffee shop were we ended up hanging out for the rest of the afternoon. Or at least until the sun left that side of the street, and when it did that, we went over to the ice cream place instead.
On those kind of days i feel crazy for wanting to leave Vesterbro.
It's not that we have many friends here, but we have a lot of really good acquaintances, and lots of nice neighbors too.
But i still want to move. Damn it.

Later that night we met up at Vega with our friend Sarah who came up from Berlin for a quick visit, to hang out and see her friends in Black Mountain play.
Both the show and the hanging out was great, and that's another thing i'm loving about the stay-cation; having the time and energy to socialize with people. I've missed that.
It was one of the best days i've had in a long time, followed by another day of equal awesomeness.

Apparently i only took one set of pictures on Sunday (also, good weather makes me want to want to find all the wackiest things in my wardrobe and wear them all at once!)

Monday we met up with Sarah at our place so we could get some coffee before heading to the shop.
At the shop Sarah stocked up on prints and hats (thanks for that, Sarah!), and then we went out to get some milk for coffee.
However, we ended up going antiquing instead. Oops.
The dangers of Ravnsborggade!
We all found some really good stuff, and walking there in the spring weather i was reminded, again, of why i want to live there so bad.
After our spontaneous shopping spree, we met up with Mille who i haven't seen since the burlesque party in February.
Since she works for the Danish Red Cross we figured she'd be the perfect person to ask about how to best donate the money from our print sales to Japan, and indeed she was.
It was a really good meeting, if you can call hanging out and giggling and eating cookies with one of your favorite people a meeting, that is.
Another brilliant day.

Sarah at Sort Kaffe & Vinyl

 Sarahs Americano foam kinda looked like an owl

I found these two books for only 25 kr a piece

 I believe i officially have a collection now (although a few of those probably technically belong to my parents)

My new bag, also a sweet vintage find!

Nothing like dorky group self portraits, right?

Today is punishment for having too much fun.
It sounds unreasonable, but it's the only explanation i can think of.
I'm gonna try to get some email taken care of, and maybe paint my nails. It's a hard life, i know.

Oh, and thanks for the comments on my last post!
I totally forgot to turn comments off, so it wasn't actually on purpose, but i do appreciate them anyway.
Comments will be back on at some point, i just haven't decided when yet.

* When i wrote that sentence late last night, i didn't know i was about to jinx us all and bring rain and gray skies to Copenhagen.
Sorry everyone, my bad.