Monday, April 18, 2011

It won't be long

Only and hour and a half to go. An hour and a half before Allan is home from Germany.
Ok, that sounded totally desperate, but being home alone wasn't actually that bad.
Me and Helle had a great night of burgers and movies, and after she went home, way past her bedtime, i watched some Start Trek and then went to sleep.
Lucifer barked once, like a really loud "intruder-alert!"-bark, and woke me up, but other than that i slept great.

Today has felt like Sunday all over again.
I went to the dog park, then to the café (i hate going there without Allan, by the way, i always feel like i'm the friend of a friend who crashed a party without actually bringing the friend who knows the people throwing the party... or something) to get my chai, and then back home for laundry and chillin in the back yard.
The weather has been spectacular, i tell you. The kind of weather i have been dreaming about for months and months.

Blossoms, on our way to the dog park

All this and blue skies too...

Back home in the back yard, i drank my tea while a family of about seven people had lunch no more than 5 inches from where i was sitting.
I didn't mind the company today, and my neighbors generally aren't bad, but this is exactly why i want that damn balcony. Want it, dammit.

Lucifer's nemesis, the black cat, was there too, and she was stalking him as usual

Safe again, but still a little on edge

I didn't really have any plans for today, so i just cleaned up, did some more laundry and took Lucifer to Enghave Parken.
I don't normally go there, it's too far a walk for a park that isn't really all that impressive, but in this area, it's either this or the lake, so off we went.
I'd brought a book, so we sat on a bench for a while, and Lucifer sniffed every dog passing by while i did some reading.
The park was ok, but it gave me that lonely feeling i usually only get in Japan when i'm out exploring alone.
It's not necessarily a bad feeling, i'm just not used to getting it here in Copenhagen.

More blossoms, and a Lucifer butt

If i'd had a blanket and friends, it would have probably been more fun

Comments are on today, and i think they're gonna stay on this week.
Or maybe i'll change my mind, who knows, i'm crazy like that!

Hope your Monday is as sunny as mine!


  1. Dejligt at se, at du igen har åbnet for kommentarerne!

    Jeg har det på præcis samme måde, når jeg går alene på café; jeg vil bare gerne haste mig igennem min the eller kakao, og så ud igen. Ellers sørger jeg for at se ud som om, jeg bestemt ikke har noget imod, at jeg sidder alene.

    Og så glæder jeg mig til at høre mere om sagaen om Lucifer og den sorte kat, og om det ender i en vendetta!

    kh Nana

  2. i love the pics of the blossoms! so pretty. and lucifer is really cute <3

  3. The cherry blossoms are so pretty! I can't wait to have a garden of my very own so I can have a cherry blossom in it :)

    Glad the comments are back on! I keep getting confused when I go to post you a comment, then can't find the 'Post a comment' button!

  4. Oh I'm so jealous of the greenery and the cherry blossoms! Up here in the middle of sweden we haven't come that far yet, but soon I guess.. we have had lots of sun and beautiful weather so..maybe in a week or so!

    ...and i hate it when my man is away from home so i really understand you!

    (it feels kinda silly to write in english, because i guess we understand each other pretty well in writing, but once I started it felt weird writing in swedish so i continued...)

    Have a nice evening! :)

    and fun that your comments on!

  5. Hurra for burgers, film, hygge, snak og comments ON!!!

  6. Nana, det er både det at være alene, og skulle se ud som om det er helt fint, og samtidig det at min mand er Norm og cafeen er hans Cheers. Jeg er bare den der navnløse, generte extra der sidder ved siden af Cliffy i baren! (Beklager den datede pop kultur reference!)
    Ingen vendetta endnu, men jeg skal nok holde jer opdateret!

    Alycia, Lucifer *is* cute!

    samboy, i'd love a garden too!

    Karolina, sorry that you're still not in spring-heaven yet, that sucks. We're not quite there yet either, but it's getting here, fast!
    Oh, and english is fine, that way other readers can follow the conversation too!

    Hella J, hurra indeed!

  7. Din reference var vild! Måske er du alligevel en af de der statister, der snakker til Norm engang imellem, som får en til at tænke:"Har jeg set ham før? Spiller han normalt en større rolle?" :D

    Jeg vil gerne vædde 100kr på at Lucifer kan klare den kat når som helst, hvor som helst.

  8. Åååååååååååå de blossom tree er såååå VAKKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Nana R. Ha, godt du fattede den! Jeg vil godt være den statist, det lyder lige som noget jeg kunne klare!

    Susi, Ja, der er næsten ikke noget finere!