Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter? Easter.

Damn, i've been trying to blog for days now, but the awesome stuff i want to blog about keeps getting in the way of my doing so.
Whatever, for once everyone else seems to have time off too (it's easter or something?) so i'm not the only one who's brain is in full vacation mode.
We're in the country now, and i doubt i'll have time to blog more than once today, but i'll be back here when i'm back home. Well, that might not be true, cause we're going home tonight, but then we're coming back down, so... i'll see you when i see you!
Hope everyone who's on vacation is having a good one!

Yeah, i ate this today and this was the smallest one they could make... Bisserup wins!


  1. mmmmm that ice cream looks good!

    hope you're having a great time!x

  2. wow,that ice cream doesn't only look good,it also looks kinda smelting :D

  3. I hope you didn't have a white t-shirt on while eating that! Looks tasty but very messy. haha

  4. Hahahahahah Classic huh!! :D

  5. The ice cream itself wasn't actually as melty as it looks, the pink stuff is "guf", a kind of marshmallow-y topping! And no, i never wear white to eat ice cream, i'm a total klutz!