Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another sunny day in (not so) wonderful Cph

This morning i woke up (way too late, i might add) to a text message from my hair salon reminding me of my appointment.
I've never been more appreciative of their text message service than in that moment, because i had absolutely no idea that my appointment was today.
That could have been embarrassing.
It wasn't even because i needed a haircut, but my hairdresser is going traveling for a few months, so i guess i booked it just to be sure my bangs would get trimmed before she left.
And trims are cheap too, so why the hell not!

After my hair appointment i persuaded Allan to join my on a mission to buy hair color in the center of town.
I love it when we ride our bikes around the city together, although, the city has definitely seen better days.
There's construction just about everywhere, making it impossible to get around, and making it confusing for tourists (and morons) to figure out which streets it's ok to walk on.
At one point, when we were close to the walking street and some road blocks, i had to yell at a lady, who was walking into the street without looking, to watch out (i prefer telling people to watch out over using the bell, it's a thing), and as a result, an old man about to do the same thing shouted "are you out of your mind?" at me. Uhm, no, good sir, i'm pretty sure it's still ok for me to ride in the street and still not ok for pedestrians to walk on it.
Either they have to clean the city up soon (not likely) or i need to stay the hell away from the center for the next seven years.

In spite of road rage and feeling of embarrassment over the state of our city, we had a nice little outing, and it was great spending some time together before Allan had to leave again.
Yes, he left again already, but this time only to go to Odense to see Cancer Bats play.
He's bringing them back with him later tonight, so at least i don't have to sleep alone again (in fact, i'll probably be very much not alone, if the band is crashing here...).

I must admit, i'm kind of enjoying being home alone today.
I've had time to color my hair (still am, by the way, that shit takes hours), take lots of walks with the dog, make home-alone dinner, and buy groceries for tomorrows welcome-home-Eckel breakfast.
And i know that Allan is out there, having an awesome time, and that makes me happy too.

Copenhagen, the beauty is in the details (and these days, nowhere else)

We bought pizza slices and ate them sitting on our bikes in the sun

We made a stop at a vintage store where i bought this, here seen drying in the window after a hand-wash

That's it for me today, i'm gonna watch some more trailers before it's time to wash out the chunky, green stuff on my head, and walk the pooch.

Oh, and by the way, last night, while watching "Spartacus: Blood & Sand" (no really, we did, we're that desperate!) i added a bunch of new, old stuff to my etsy store.
I normally tend to overthink the listing process, so it was nice to just go through my hat pictures and put a bunch up for sale, without even having them physically with me.
There are a few newer pieces, some really old ones that got makeovers and some in-betweeners. And the Mori Girl fascinators, that i'm starting to doubt if anyone will be brave and/or stupid enough to wear, are there too.
I have a couple of extra fancy pieces at the shop that i'm dying to put up, but for those extra special ones, i think i'd like Allan to take some more magical pictures, with the lovely Jacqueline as a model, of course.

Headband with peony and chubby bird, for sale here 


  1. oooh comments again!!

    love the top! and cant wait to bike ride with you guys!!!

  2. Since the comments are back, you know I have to leave one! ;)

    I'm so jealous that you get to ride your bikes through town. I would love to take leisurely rides on my bike to the market and to run errands, but I have to go to bike paths instead. I live in Hollywood, California and to ride your bike on the street is like taking your life in your own hands! The drivers do not pay attention...at all!

    Can't wait to see pics of your newly dyed hair!

  3. Hah no way people still hang their clothes like that? Over the chimneys? Cool beans

  4. Chunky...green...doesn't sound like any hair dye I've ever used, haha

  5. Corey, i'll try to get the green bike ready for you, just need to find the cheapest place to replace a tire!

    Jo, i totally understand why you wouldn't ride your bike in Hollywood, i wouldn't either! It's safe here though, and being able to ride a bike everywhere is probably my favorite thing about this city!
    The hair looks pretty much the same, but i'll post some pictures later anyway!

    U U N A, yup, i would too if there was a line on our house. But i still hang dry my clothes outside!

    nova, it's Logona, natural stuff, it's a little gross and takes forever, but at least it's free of chemicals and stuff!

  6. i love the top! so cute :)

    I want one of the hats, and am brave/stupid enough to wear one, just have nowhere to wear one! They are a bit fancy for work!

    I have a wedding next summer, so you can bet I'll be getting one of those badboys on my noggin!

  7. samboy, weddings are a good excuse to put crazy stuff on your head for sure!