Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunny days in Bisserup

It's seriously so hard blogging about stuff that happened last week, when this week has been so full of awesomeness too. Today alone we've been to a flea market, gone riding through Assistens Cemetery in the sun, picked up Eckel to go for ice cream, looked at awesome taxidermy, hung out at the lake and in ├śrstedsparken, made burgers and watched movies. Yeah, life is pretty sweet.
But i already uploaded these pictures from Bisserup a while back, and life was pretty sweet there too, so post them i must!

Allan and my dad in my parents' beautiful garden

In Danish daffodils are called "easter lilies"

Me and my boy relaxing in the garden

A walk by the water

We found a great, big lizard at the beach, bigger than any i've ever seen in Denmark

I got to take his picture and pet his tail before he ran off!

Happy foot

For about 20 years now, the blackbirds have been nesting right above the front door of one of the houses

Sunset from my mom's kitchen


We stayed in Bisserup from Thursday night to Saturday night (again, we're talking last weekend), where we went back to Copenhagen to meet up with the Cancer Bats guys again.
They were driving from Belgium to Stockholm, so they'd planned a sleepover in Copenhagen, and since we see them so rarely, it felt like a good idea to go meet up with them at the apartment.
I was already asleep when they arrived Saturday night, but the next morning we had time to go out for a nice brunch before they had to get back on the road.
We'd already decided to go back to Bisserup and we somehow managed to talk Eckel into going with us.
Shop roadtrip!
It was so awesome, and i actually have pictures from that day too, but since i haven't uploaded them yet, it'll have to wait. Also, i have a movie night to get back to in a few minutes when Allan, Eckel and Corey come back from their snack run.
But if you wanna read a little more about what we've been up to, maybe you should go check Corey's blog?
She's really trying to get back into regular posting, and i think some more comments will keep her motivated!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Catching up

Ok, obviously it's been a while, so i'm not even gonna try and figure out what happened where and at what times during the last week and a half, cause so much has been going on lately, but to get things rolling, here are some maybe random, maybe chronological, pictures from last week when Cancer Bats where staying at our house.

On their first day here i made brunch for the whole gang, plus Eckel who was finally coming home from Thailand

 After brunch and hanging out, we went to the venue with all the gear, and Mike made sure Lucifer got the best view of the van

From the venue we walked to the shop, and me and Lucifer split from the rest of the gang to go to the favorite park

We met this guy who took a walk on my arm! Awesomeness!

At the shop, Allan tattooed Stan while me and Lucifer chilled on the couch

We went to the Rock around 11 to see the guys play... and i take excellent concert photos with my iPhone... oh yes i do.

Can you handle the evil?

No, you can't

I don't think we did much after the show but watch movies and eat ice cream, so here's a picture of me the next day, at the coffee shop... look how warm it is!

And here's Lucifer at brunch 

Me and Eckel had ice cream

So did Liam, in fact he had the most giant spoonful of ice cream in the whole world!

The guys left and it was so very sad to see them go, so to feel better, we went to the park hang out in the sun before leaving for the country

Ok, more blogging coming up soon, but first i have to go buy some soup so me and Corey can kick our cold, or at least feel like we're doing something to get rid of it.
Yes, Corey is here now. I told you lots of stuff had been going on!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter? Easter.

Damn, i've been trying to blog for days now, but the awesome stuff i want to blog about keeps getting in the way of my doing so.
Whatever, for once everyone else seems to have time off too (it's easter or something?) so i'm not the only one who's brain is in full vacation mode.
We're in the country now, and i doubt i'll have time to blog more than once today, but i'll be back here when i'm back home. Well, that might not be true, cause we're going home tonight, but then we're coming back down, so... i'll see you when i see you!
Hope everyone who's on vacation is having a good one!

Yeah, i ate this today and this was the smallest one they could make... Bisserup wins!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another sunny day in (not so) wonderful Cph

This morning i woke up (way too late, i might add) to a text message from my hair salon reminding me of my appointment.
I've never been more appreciative of their text message service than in that moment, because i had absolutely no idea that my appointment was today.
That could have been embarrassing.
It wasn't even because i needed a haircut, but my hairdresser is going traveling for a few months, so i guess i booked it just to be sure my bangs would get trimmed before she left.
And trims are cheap too, so why the hell not!

After my hair appointment i persuaded Allan to join my on a mission to buy hair color in the center of town.
I love it when we ride our bikes around the city together, although, the city has definitely seen better days.
There's construction just about everywhere, making it impossible to get around, and making it confusing for tourists (and morons) to figure out which streets it's ok to walk on.
At one point, when we were close to the walking street and some road blocks, i had to yell at a lady, who was walking into the street without looking, to watch out (i prefer telling people to watch out over using the bell, it's a thing), and as a result, an old man about to do the same thing shouted "are you out of your mind?" at me. Uhm, no, good sir, i'm pretty sure it's still ok for me to ride in the street and still not ok for pedestrians to walk on it.
Either they have to clean the city up soon (not likely) or i need to stay the hell away from the center for the next seven years.

In spite of road rage and feeling of embarrassment over the state of our city, we had a nice little outing, and it was great spending some time together before Allan had to leave again.
Yes, he left again already, but this time only to go to Odense to see Cancer Bats play.
He's bringing them back with him later tonight, so at least i don't have to sleep alone again (in fact, i'll probably be very much not alone, if the band is crashing here...).

I must admit, i'm kind of enjoying being home alone today.
I've had time to color my hair (still am, by the way, that shit takes hours), take lots of walks with the dog, make home-alone dinner, and buy groceries for tomorrows welcome-home-Eckel breakfast.
And i know that Allan is out there, having an awesome time, and that makes me happy too.

Copenhagen, the beauty is in the details (and these days, nowhere else)

We bought pizza slices and ate them sitting on our bikes in the sun

We made a stop at a vintage store where i bought this, here seen drying in the window after a hand-wash

That's it for me today, i'm gonna watch some more trailers before it's time to wash out the chunky, green stuff on my head, and walk the pooch.

Oh, and by the way, last night, while watching "Spartacus: Blood & Sand" (no really, we did, we're that desperate!) i added a bunch of new, old stuff to my etsy store.
I normally tend to overthink the listing process, so it was nice to just go through my hat pictures and put a bunch up for sale, without even having them physically with me.
There are a few newer pieces, some really old ones that got makeovers and some in-betweeners. And the Mori Girl fascinators, that i'm starting to doubt if anyone will be brave and/or stupid enough to wear, are there too.
I have a couple of extra fancy pieces at the shop that i'm dying to put up, but for those extra special ones, i think i'd like Allan to take some more magical pictures, with the lovely Jacqueline as a model, of course.

Headband with peony and chubby bird, for sale here 

Monday, April 18, 2011

It won't be long

Only and hour and a half to go. An hour and a half before Allan is home from Germany.
Ok, that sounded totally desperate, but being home alone wasn't actually that bad.
Me and Helle had a great night of burgers and movies, and after she went home, way past her bedtime, i watched some Start Trek and then went to sleep.
Lucifer barked once, like a really loud "intruder-alert!"-bark, and woke me up, but other than that i slept great.

Today has felt like Sunday all over again.
I went to the dog park, then to the caf├ę (i hate going there without Allan, by the way, i always feel like i'm the friend of a friend who crashed a party without actually bringing the friend who knows the people throwing the party... or something) to get my chai, and then back home for laundry and chillin in the back yard.
The weather has been spectacular, i tell you. The kind of weather i have been dreaming about for months and months.

Blossoms, on our way to the dog park

All this and blue skies too...

Back home in the back yard, i drank my tea while a family of about seven people had lunch no more than 5 inches from where i was sitting.
I didn't mind the company today, and my neighbors generally aren't bad, but this is exactly why i want that damn balcony. Want it, dammit.

Lucifer's nemesis, the black cat, was there too, and she was stalking him as usual

Safe again, but still a little on edge

I didn't really have any plans for today, so i just cleaned up, did some more laundry and took Lucifer to Enghave Parken.
I don't normally go there, it's too far a walk for a park that isn't really all that impressive, but in this area, it's either this or the lake, so off we went.
I'd brought a book, so we sat on a bench for a while, and Lucifer sniffed every dog passing by while i did some reading.
The park was ok, but it gave me that lonely feeling i usually only get in Japan when i'm out exploring alone.
It's not necessarily a bad feeling, i'm just not used to getting it here in Copenhagen.

More blossoms, and a Lucifer butt

If i'd had a blanket and friends, it would have probably been more fun

Comments are on today, and i think they're gonna stay on this week.
Or maybe i'll change my mind, who knows, i'm crazy like that!

Hope your Monday is as sunny as mine!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Always toward absent lovers love's tide stronger flows

To say that my husband and i are never apart is an understatement.
In the almost 10 years we've been married i don't think we've ever spent more that one night apart, and even that happens very rarely.
Well, this is one of those rare occasions.
It's Sunday and Allan is in Hamburg to hang out with friends and see a show.
He'll be back tomorrow night, so it's no big deal, but i still miss him so much already.
Sad, i know.

After Allan left, i spent a few hours listening to music while doing laundry and Sunday cleaning, and later me and the temporary man of the house, Lucifer, went for a walk around the lakes.
I had a bag full of bread for the ducks, but apparently i wasn't the only one who'd had that thought, cause the ducks were not hungry at all, and the lake was full of old bread.
I ended up tossing mine in the trash, the lakes have enough crap in them since the city for some reason stopped cleaning them months ago.
So instead of feeding birds, we walked and i took pictures of them.
And yes, for once, i brought my camera!

The swan from this post was busy expanding her nest
They look so sweet, that you sometimes forget how vicious they are
See? Adorable! (Seconds later she hissed loudly at Lucifer...)
Three cozy eggs
Ok, there's always room for just one iPhone picure, right?

On the way home i saw these

Free for a lucky size 42, which is, sadly, not me

And on my street there was this (when i came back later, there were people sitting in it)

In spite of that whole missing my stupid husband thing, i'm having a pretty good Sunday, and i suspect it'll only get better when Helle comes over for movie and burger night.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


My hair is such an awkward length these days, especially right after i've washed it, and it's almost making me wish i'd never done that head shaving thing that was so fun at the time.
I just want someone to invent a power-mineral-scalp-fertilizer-booster so i can dip my head in it and this... whatever this is, can grow to a decent length already... although i have no idea what to do about it when it reaches that length either!?
Gorgeous, healthy, thick, long hair is so wasted on the people who are lucky enough to have it.
I would be awesome at being long-haired.
Just saying.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Channeling Joan Collins

Yesterday i noticed something awesome and unexpected; my nails have gotten long.
After removing my gel nails in January i had to cut them down and just ignore them, and hope for a quick recovery.
Well, it wasn't exactly quick, but they seem to be doing ok now, and since i am neither wearing gloves, nor stabbing myself in the fingers daily when making hats, at the moment,  it seemed like the perfect time to glam them up a bit.

I did some pretty simple two-tone (one tone being my actual nail color) nails with coral and gold (i know, so last season).
I'll go more fancy next time!

The "hail Satan" nail is the result of an unsuccessful gradation experiment that needed covering

A couple of hours and about a trillion layers of top coat went into this

Just because i haven't made hats in a week, doesn't mean i've stopped stabbing myself, now i just do it with my own nails... i'm what you'd call a genius

Revlon polish, Gel Look top coat from Japan, and lots of Dry Kwik from Sally Hansen

If i'd gone to japan, this is the type of stuff i'd be stocking up on right about now.
When i do get back to Tokyo, i suspect my shopping list will be longer than ever!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh, happy day(s)

So, i am pretty much having the best non-vacation ever.
Spring is finally here, maybe even to stay*, and we're enjoying every second.
I've totally neglected work responsibilities, and just enjoyed being home with my husband and dog.
It's not very nice or very professional of me, but ignoring my inbox completely is the only way for me to get some serious time off.

Sunday we got up early to go check out an apartment. I didn't actually want the apartment, i was just curious, and apparently i now wanna move so bad that i'm looking at places on Vesterbro too. Confusing.
Anyway, we got there and there was no signs, no real estate people and no other potential buyers.
We knocked a few times and no one opened. Instead we heard voices from inside, having normal family conversations about who's time it was to shower and stuff like that.
So we looked at each other and i asked Allan: "should we run?" and he said yes, and so we got the hell out of there. I'd checked and double checked the date, time and address several times, because i suffer from anxiety that revolves around variations of that exact situation, so it was really weird actually being in it!
But fun too! We got the hell out of there and went to the coffee shop were we ended up hanging out for the rest of the afternoon. Or at least until the sun left that side of the street, and when it did that, we went over to the ice cream place instead.
On those kind of days i feel crazy for wanting to leave Vesterbro.
It's not that we have many friends here, but we have a lot of really good acquaintances, and lots of nice neighbors too.
But i still want to move. Damn it.

Later that night we met up at Vega with our friend Sarah who came up from Berlin for a quick visit, to hang out and see her friends in Black Mountain play.
Both the show and the hanging out was great, and that's another thing i'm loving about the stay-cation; having the time and energy to socialize with people. I've missed that.
It was one of the best days i've had in a long time, followed by another day of equal awesomeness.

Apparently i only took one set of pictures on Sunday (also, good weather makes me want to want to find all the wackiest things in my wardrobe and wear them all at once!)

Monday we met up with Sarah at our place so we could get some coffee before heading to the shop.
At the shop Sarah stocked up on prints and hats (thanks for that, Sarah!), and then we went out to get some milk for coffee.
However, we ended up going antiquing instead. Oops.
The dangers of Ravnsborggade!
We all found some really good stuff, and walking there in the spring weather i was reminded, again, of why i want to live there so bad.
After our spontaneous shopping spree, we met up with Mille who i haven't seen since the burlesque party in February.
Since she works for the Danish Red Cross we figured she'd be the perfect person to ask about how to best donate the money from our print sales to Japan, and indeed she was.
It was a really good meeting, if you can call hanging out and giggling and eating cookies with one of your favorite people a meeting, that is.
Another brilliant day.

Sarah at Sort Kaffe & Vinyl

 Sarahs Americano foam kinda looked like an owl

I found these two books for only 25 kr a piece

 I believe i officially have a collection now (although a few of those probably technically belong to my parents)

My new bag, also a sweet vintage find!

Nothing like dorky group self portraits, right?

Today is punishment for having too much fun.
It sounds unreasonable, but it's the only explanation i can think of.
I'm gonna try to get some email taken care of, and maybe paint my nails. It's a hard life, i know.

Oh, and thanks for the comments on my last post!
I totally forgot to turn comments off, so it wasn't actually on purpose, but i do appreciate them anyway.
Comments will be back on at some point, i just haven't decided when yet.

* When i wrote that sentence late last night, i didn't know i was about to jinx us all and bring rain and gray skies to Copenhagen.
Sorry everyone, my bad.