Saturday, March 26, 2011

A week goes by

Last week, for the first time ever, i actually considered shutting this blog down.
I'm still not sure exactly what triggered that feeling, but i started to feel that it isn't as relevant or needed as it once was.
It wasn't just because of that one bad comment, although those mean comments can be very hurtful, and realizing that only a few people (or in my case, one) will stand up and defend you is pretty disappointing too.
But then, i am not as good at remembering to comment on other peoples blogs as i used to be either, so i'm in no way in a position to point fingers. Sometimes this so called blogger community that we all used to praise so much just doesn't seem so real after all.
So it was probably a combination of all those things, and personally,  i know that having lost my heart to twitter and instagram has a lot to do with my less frequent posting and commenting. And although i can't speak for anyone but myself, i think the same might go for some other bloggers too.
It's just so damn nice and easy to be able to post thoughts and images from my phone, wherever i am.
This blog isn't flexible like that, it requires time and energy that i don't have, and the fact that both my laptop at home and at the shop are pissing me off on a daily basis doesn't help.

I'm still thinking about it. Not shutting it down, but about what i need to change to make blogging fun again.

But until i find that thing, i can at least still use this platform to keep urging the people who come by, to help Japan in any way they can. Sure, the media has moved on to sexier topics at this point, but there's still so much to be done, and we have barely started.
Polkaros has a great list of organizations you can donate to, if you're not sure where to send your money, and if you wanna donate and own some fine art at the same time, Ai over at it will stop raining has some wonderful prints for sale ( i bought the soft serve).

Another thing i can do while i wait to figure out the blogging thing? The same as i've always done, talk about life and post pictures!

Today we're taking a much needed (aren't they always, though?) day off.

We took a long walk with the dog, that started with me dropping off this old bike i once found and never used at the bike shop for some much needed tlc. The back tire on my green bike exploded on the way home from work the other day (another thing i posted on twitter, but totally forgot to blog about!) and i've been riding with Allan ever since. I still haven't decided what to do with the green bike, i guess it depends on how this new, old one turns out.  We had some coffee and tea, bought some Cd's on sale, went to the dog park and  ran into some people.
Now we're home where i just gave our stinky little roommate a bath while Allan worked on a wedding invitation for our sweet friends. We also skyped with Eckel for 40 minutes. No, he hasn't even left yet.
Copenhagen is being pretty wonderful these days, and having some time off while seeing the first signs of spring is definitely making not going to japan easier for us.

On one of the warmer days last week, i even remembered to take my camera to work

A blog reader sent me this drawing a few weeks ago, but of course i only posted it on instagram. Doh. Thanks so much, Elsa!

I'm celebrating not wearing a thousand layers anymore by putting non-knitted, decorative stuff on my head

 Although at night, going home, i still look like this

Ok, maybe i look like that in the daytime too, at least i did today, during our long walk, when it was actually pretty cold


  1. First.You do know you can hook your twitter and i believe instagram to this blog so people can still catch a glimpse of your life on the other social networking sites :) I am not a 100% you can sync them so don't quote me.
    Second: Hello kitty on your finger.i love you. lol.

  2. Thanks, that's a really good idea, i'll look into that!
    And there's a better picture of my kitty here:

  3. Jeg havde ikke lige set at nogen havde kastet had på dig. Hvis det havde været hjemme hos mig var den kommentar blevet arkiveret lodret. Lodret, siger jeg dig, puh. Du skal ikke finde dig i noget!

  4. Hi, just had to write and say that I don't hope you'll stop blogging! I love to follow your blog and see all the stuff you've done and to follow you on your trips to Japan.
    And also, how fine the portrait became with a frame! :)

  5. Godt så, jeg tager mig endelig sammen til at skrive en kommentar, men poster den forkert. Smukt...
    Men altså - fine ord, smukke billeder - elsker din blog!

  6. Please don't stop blogging. I rarely comment but I do love reading it and the photographs that you post.

  7. Your blog is my favorite of the... numerous blogs that I read. I would be bummed if you closed down, but definitely understand. I haven't posted on my blog in weeks - it just seems like a hassle lately and haven't been in the mood. I love following you on Instagram, though and as long as you didn't disappear all together I think I'd be okay :) You're an inspiration to me in many ways.

    I'm sorry you received a mean comment - I never understand why people waste their time writing negative comments on other peoples' blogs. I'm sure you already know this - but try not to let other peoples' negativity be the reason you would stop doing something if you love it. I like your perspective of trying to re-invent blogging to make it more enjoyable for you.

    You're amazing.


  8. i love your blog but mostly i love you and allan and lucifer!
    if you shut the blog down we are going to have to be much better about the emailing as i aint never joining twitter. too many internet distractions already.
    spring is exciting right?!

  9. Du understår dig i så meget som at overveje at lukke bloggen! I'll go pitbull-mode on your ass lady!

  10. Please don't ever stop blogging! You're little site is by far one of the most inspiring places on the interwebs and I love reading about all of your adventures!

    Check out Tumblr! I love it and its so easy to sync up your twitter feed and Instagram stuff with it. You can even transfer all of your stuff over to it super easy.

    Come on, girl! Let your haterz be your motivators!

  11. And I forgot to mention the most important part of Tumblr. There is an awesome little app for iphone users that totally kicks ass!

    I also meant "your little site" and not "you're." But that's just the grammar freak in me...

  12. Hi Amelie! Please don't stop blogging! You are an inspiration to many and we need that now more than ever!


  13. I had one day like two weeks ago where I really felt like blogging, so I set up like an entire month's worth of posts (mainly photos) and have been pretty much ignoring blogs in general ever since. I know what you're saying, it takes a lot of creative energy. And you're making hats and hanging out in a tattoo shop, both of those things use the same part of your brain, I think.

    I am a huge tumblr fan right now, it's super quick and easy and you can look at pretty pictures all day long. Although that's pretty much what instagram sounds like too.

  14. as so many other has said, i love your blog and hope you continues, but i do so understand that particular feeling of closing down.
    at least couple of times every month i feel like that. the worst part is the stress, that people might be pissed if you don't post as often as they think you should.

    me as well so love instagram and i wish they can come up with a internet site in the future, where you just can look at pictures and profiles the same way as in the phone but still yet only post and edit from the iphone. would be awesome.

    have a nice sunday! love k

  15. ...just need to add, that even if I'm thinkin about stop blogging sometimes, there's also so much things that weighs up and keeps me going and is so fun!
    When it's fun to blog it's really fun, when it's not, it's really isn't. to me, black and white, never grey.

  16. Sandra- jeg bør nok være bedre til bare at slette.

    Elsa- it looks great in my office and everyone who've seen it are very impressed! I hope you got the note i sent you?

    Sune- haha, jamen lige meget hvor din kommentar ender er den meget værdsat! Tak!

    attackoftheraebot- i won't, and it wasn't meant to sound like i'm trying to bully people into commenting more, you're more than welcome to come and read the blog without leaving a comment!

    Vanessa- thank you so much! And i'll try my best to get back into blogging again, and i'm definitely not leaving instagram either!

    alice- yeah, we suck at emailing, so i should try and keep this up, right? No twitter pressure from me, but do think about joining instagram, i'd love to see you guys more!

    Hella J-ok, ok, jeg vil jo ikke ha noget ballade...

    Shelly- thanks for reading my blog, and thanks for the suggestions on how to make it more fun. I wrote a little tumblr rant last night about why i won't be switching, but you do make it sound fun!
    (And i go back and correct my own grammar too!)

    ros- you're so sweet, i'll try to be a better, happier blogger for you!

    nova- yeah, i think my biggest problem is that i get my creative urges covered by making hats and painting and stuff, my need to share pictures is covered by instagram, my thoughts are on twitter and then i spend all day writing emails, the shop blog and doing practical shit, and get all the wordy stuff covered there. I have to somehow find something that the log can take care of, as the only place, and have it not feel like a chore. Btw, how did you get your comment section so organized?

    Karolina Pettersson- you're right, when it's fun it's the best. I think i started out too... big too. Like, for over two years i posted every day. That's a lot. And when i finally felt like i didn't have the time and energy for that, i felt so guilty not being able to update like that anymore. Even now, i still feel like i'm letting both the readers and the blog down if i only post one or two times a week.

    Thanks so much for the advice and nice words, everyone!

  17. Your blog is my favourite, I would miss you! Re the negative comments, Boo hiss! I got shouted at in the street by a charity mugger (everywhere in the uk, do you have them? They stop and harass you to sign up to give to charity evert month, they get paid a lot an hour to do it!) Because I said I didn't want to give to a cancer charity because I already give to cats protection league, people have different views right, and it sucks when they can't respect you for your own!
    But enough about me! I hope you do find a way to reinvent your blogging and get back to enjoying it, we all do!

  18. Becky Sims- yeah, i know who you're talking about, in Denmark they're called facers, and i'm their favorite victim.
    I say yes to everything charity related, so when i can't afford to support more, i have to run from them!
    But i totally agree with you, people have a right to choose what kind of charities they want to support, and we shouldn't be giving each other shit for having different priorities. The fact that we're helping others is what counts.