Saturday, March 5, 2011


The weather finally gave us a little taste of spring today, so of course we had to spend most of our day in a car, and later, in a smoke filled house.
Goddamn, people in the countryside can smoke.
But at least we gave our day in the sun away for a good cause; it was Allan's dad's birthday and we probably haven't seen him in a few years.
And he was so happy and surprised to see Allan. It was all very sweet.
Maybe we'll get lucky and tomorrow will be another beautiful day?
Here's hoping that it will.

Jean-Luc needs a good wash, but we're worried a trip to an actual car wash could break him (i wish i was kidding)

In the middle of... who knows where...

Allan took pictures of his grandmother, for his grandparents series and i assisted

Mini daffodils and Allan's dad in the background

My head is killing me from all the smoke. And there were kids there too. I'm such a city snob sometimes.


  1. Since the smoking ban in the UK, I really appreciate being able to be in smoke-free areas, but when you are forced to be confined with smokers, its just awful. The smell just doesn't seem to ever want to leave your clothes and hair. Gross.

    Don't bother washing Jean-Luc, I haven't washed my car since about May! :)

  2. Skøn blog!
    Love C.

  3. samboy, me too, i've gotten so used to no smoking indoors, ever, so when it does happen i'm almost in shock. Like, why aren't they outside? And we had to wash all of our clothes when we got home. Gross.
    Jean-Luc does need a wash at some point, he's a city car and it's gotten to the point where we can barely see out the windows!

    Caroline Johansen, mange tak!