Sunday, March 13, 2011

It could be worse, you could be dead

Everything has been weird since Friday.
Beyond weird.
I don't think i'm quite getting it yet, i guess i'm still in denial.
On friday i was upset, worried and anxious, but i was going to Japan. No question.
But a lot has changed since Friday, and now, with the possibility of nuclear meltdowns only a few hundred kilometers from Tokyo, i really can't say for sure.
The thought of radiation poisoning, however small the amount may be, scares me more than any natural disaster ever could.
I don't think i scare easy, but this just might be where i draw the line.
Right now, nothing is settled and we're just gonna have to follow the situation closely and hope for the best.
In any case, we're safe and clothed and well fed, and many Japanese are not.
So we'll be ok.

Apart from all this madness, and a bit of illness too, i'm afraid, i've had a nice weekend.
We had to work on Saturday and we were at the shop today as well, but since it was because our friend Chriss was here, it was totally fine by me.
It's been a while since we've had house guests too, and Chriss is pretty much the best.

Allan and Chriss (and Eckels hand) at restaurant Riz Raz, late Friday night

Saturday at the shop i wasn't feeling great, but i made some hair stuff and also tried on this old thing... if it doesn't sell i might keep it for myself and wear it to a wedding

Fast forward to Saturday night where the guys went to a show and i chilled on the couch with a salad and some Pringles (it's weekend, they're allowed!)

Today at the Ravnsborggade flea market i found one good thing, and this wasn't it

Chriss went home today, but we already have a new house guest.
Which is good, we need to be distracted, so we don't sit around worrying about things beyond our control.
I'm still hopeful, though.
I wanna see Izumi get married, i wanna get tattooed and i wanna see the cherry blossoms bloom.
Fingers crossed.


  1. I hope you get to go too! And not for the reasons you listed, but because it will mean that Japan is doing better.. My fingers are crossed.

  2. I understand your worry and dilemma.

  3. I would really be feeling the same if I were in your situation right now; we can only hope that things will work out, not just for you, but for Japan as a whole.