Friday, March 18, 2011

God, i love the internet

From the unusual lack of response on my last post (seriously, my readers are usually so chatty!), i was starting to think that maybe, even though it's only been a week since the quake, the people reading this blog maybe did suffer from disaster fatigue?
It wouldn't be unheard of, and i suppose my connection to Japan does make me more passionate about this than the average person.
But then i actually sold something and i don't think i've ever been this excited about a sale before!
It worked!
And who cares about talk when the post was about taking action anyway.
And who knows, maybe there were even a few who decided to donate to this cause, or another one like it, after reading?
I hope so.
Anyway, today i donated the money from my lovely buyers to World Vets, and hopefully they'll be doing some good for the animals of Japan soon, and for some of the worried pet owners as well.

To the two sweethearts doing the shopping, and the people visiting my etsy shop: thankyouthankyouthankyou!!

These three are gone, but there's still stuff left in the shop, so please go have a look
 Make your donation here

The shop charity work is also coming along nicely, but i'll be posting about that on the other blog soon.
Have a great weekend everyone, and to everyone in Japan reading this: stay safe and stay positive!


  1. I don't get paid for a few weeks yet, but I'm hoping Allan's prints will be ready when I do! :) x

  2. Animals... Pet owners.. Serious?

  3. I like animals... you're right, i should be ashamed of myself.
    Fucking coward.

  4. @Anonymous How much of a fucking retarded ignorant are you, to put people down, for trying to help others? Not that it would make a difference to a douchebag like you, but you can friggin believe, that Flora Amalie does way more than trying to save and help the poor animals of the disaster in Japan! I'm not even gonna go into the extend of how much money, energy and time she puts into helping people AND pets right now, but I will say this, she's an amazing person and you're a fucking dick for putting her down! Especially, you know, anonymously. If people like you put more energy into helping others, instead of sitting behind your computer screen hating on people trying to make a difference, maybe the world would be a much nicer place to be. Idiot!

  5. Ladies and gentlemen; Miss Hella J!

  6. *applauds*

    anonymous people are ridiculous.. If you stand so firmly behind your words then have the guts to post your name.

    The charity show last Saturday for the red cross was good but I was dissapointed by the turn out. I'll keep watching the shop blog for the prints! Maybe this time I can get #8!

  7. To Mr/or Ms Anonymous, if you have read the rest of Flora Amalie's posts you will find she has mentioned numerous times about her fears for Japan and the many friends she has there. She has also already mentioned what Conspiracy Inc is doing to raise funds to help out the PEOPLE of Japan. So because she cares about the animals too means she doesn't care about the people?? That's just stupid and insensitive! Your a dickhead and I bet you have done nothing for the cause yourself! No one wants to hear your negativity so how's about you fuck off. Thanks (Sorry for swearing but I am Australian)