Friday, March 11, 2011


Well, you all know what i'm gonna write.
Everyone who reads this blog probably knew that i was gonna blog today, and what i was gonna blog about.
And they're right, but i wish i wouldn't have to. I mean, i don't, but what i mean is that i wish i had nothing to say today. That nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Waking up to the news of the earthquake in Japan was one of my worst fears coming to life.
It has happened before, recently too, but this one is, i think we can all agree, different.
It's impossible to say how many people are dead at this point, but the videos, the images. They're devastating.
My brain can't even process them, let alone accept that this is happening to a place i love so much.
I know it shouldn't matter where something like this occurs, and of course it doesn't, it's a tragedy no matter where, but seeing it happen to a place as familiar to me as my actual home... i'm not even gonna say it hurts more, because it doesn't. I'm in shock and i don't know when the reality of this is gonna hit me.

I had a dentist appointment before work, during which i obviously couldn't check the news or Twitter, but as soon as i got out of there, i was right back on Twitter, Reuters, BBC, trying to figure out how bad it was.
But mostly, i was trying to get in touch with my friends to make sure they were ok.
Phones weren't working great, so it took a while to confirm that they were all safe, and i've had a pounding worry-headache and a knot in my stomach all day. They are all ok, but not everyones friends are.
I usually donate to Red Cross when disaster strikes, and i'm gonna do that again this time, but i feel like i should be doing more.
I'm going to Japan myself in just a few weeks, and i wonder if there's anything i can do to help while i'm there? This country has given me so much, shouldn't i be giving something back?

I never got around to posting these pictures, but they are from my trip to Japan in November, taken the day before we were going home.
Allan was working and i was walking around Koenji, saying goodbye to the hood, and i walked by a shrine close to the shopping street, and the doors were open.
This place is usually closed, so of course i went in there.
The weather was lovely that day, but windy too.
I walked around for a while, taking pictures of moss and things, before sitting down on some steps to relax.
The wind was making leaves dance in the sunlight and i just sat there for maybe 10-15 minutes, watching them, and thanking Japan for giving me such a sweet farewell present.

I don't pray, so i'm not praying for the people of Japan. But i worry and i hope that it's somehow not as bad as it looks right now. Yeah, i know.

Despite having a sucky day, i had a good night. Went home earlier than the guys, and met up with them at a restaurant later one. Had good food and good laughs. I don't know about you, but i needed that.


  1. Det er så sindssygt tragisk. Godt jeres venner er okay. Jeg håber også, at det ser værre ud end det er. Hmm.

  2. glad to hear that friends are all safe. it was pretty crazy here last night.. but the worst of it is some flooding along the shores and some businesses... crazy to think about something like that coming from so far away to possibly cause damage here too. unreal...

  3. I'm so glad your friends are all ok. My sister's friends in Japan are all ok too thank goodness. Just such a shame about all the people who aren't ok :(

    Corey - glad to hear you're safe too xxx

  4. we are heartbroken too.
    watched jackass 3 to ease the pain last night.
    love you guys!