Thursday, February 10, 2011

Xtra short

So, i finally got a hair cut.
I can't remember the last time i looked forward to getting a hair cut that much, so i guess i must have really needed one.
All of a sudden i don't feel so self conscious about being photographed* (or, you know, looked at) anymore.
I feel like i look like myself again and sometimes that's not such a bad thing.

It's amazing how just the tiniest change, like getting a hair cut or working out can make you feel so much more confident and comfortable, isn't it?
Even though i haven't lost any weight, and my hair barely looks any different to anyone but me, i feel different.
I've even started digging my way out of the winter-uniform slump.
Nothing spring like or fancy just yet, but i definitely look less frumpy.

Oh, and speaking of working out; if you're wondering whether or not i stuck with the work out thing, the answer is yes, i did stick with it.
I admit, i had to take a break after the first, horrifying session due to extreme muscle pain, but as soon as it got better i started again.
I worked out this morning and i'm hoping to keep it up, and maybe even mix it up with some at home Pilates too at some point.

Yesterday at work, after my hair appointment
Ok, and here's one where you can actually see my hair!
You know spring is around the corner when you start wearing footwear that doesn't go down to minus one million degrees
We had a late night so i cooked some quick dinner at work 
One of the reasons we had a long day; photo shoot for an article about Allan

In craftier news, i finished the black hat i've been working on for what seems like forever.
I am pretty stoked on how it turned out, and hopefully i'll get around to posting some pictures of it Saturday.
Why Saturday?
Because that's when i'm going to the party that i actually made it for.
My friend Mille (you remember Mille, right?) talked me into going to this burlesque-type costume party thing, and even though getting all dressed up and going to a party with a bunch of strangers makes me just a little bit anxious, i am excited about the costume part.
Yesterday i finally found a dress to go with my hat, and all i need now is to borrow a crinoline and pick some shoes.
So, Saturday, you not only get to see the finished hat, but also me, trying to pull off a... different, let's say different, look!
Should be interesting!

New project, still in the base-making stage

Tonight we're going to a show.

Busy, busy, but the good kind.

*A feeling that came at a particularly convenient time, you'll see why on the other blog soon enough.


  1. I love that you matched a dress to your hat, not the other way around!

    can't wait to see the final result!

  2. Nice hair!! It fits you really well! I once tried some kind of pointed in the middle really short bangs, but it didn't work out. So I'm back at my fringe! :)

  3. You look beautiful and I'm glad you're starting to feel a bit more beautiful again too.

    I feel much refreshed after a nice haircut or color, or especially when you get a fancy new tattoo :)

  4. With the bag on your mannequins head it kind of reminded me of Dexter. Haha Cute hair by the way! Have a great weekend. :)