Sunday, February 27, 2011

White wedding

It's Sunday and i'm having one of those days mentioned in the last post.
I have done the things i'd planned to do around here, and now i'd like to paint, but as usual, all my stuff is at the shop. And since i already spent my whole Saturday working there, i don't feel like doing that again today. I just wanna pop in, get a little work done, and go home. But i'm not going to.
Some of you, or all, may think that a 20 minute bike ride in -1°C weather isn't that big of a deal, and i'm just being lazy, but honestly, i don't really give a fuck about that.
Knowing that someone else has is harder doesn't make my day any easier, and i am so over feeling guilty for knowing my own limitations and knowing what works for me.
So yeah, i might be a lazy person, but i'm also a person who hates freezing and there's no way in hell i'm going to the shop right now.

So instead i think i'll do some ebaying and try to find a dress for Izumi's wedding (any tips on appropriate wedding attire is appreciated, i don't go to many weddings), i'll do some practical stuff around the apartment, i'll play with Lucifer and i'll do some picture editing and updating of my website.

And i'll probably look at apartments too, and dream of a day when i can take a stroll down the street to do some Sunday afternoon crafting like it's no big deal.

I hadn't gotten around to taking pictures of some of my newer pieces until last week, so this is one is going on the website today


  1. I'm with you, there's no way in hell I'd be going anywhere on a bike in that cold, yet alone a 20 minute ride!

    I really hope you find a new apartment soon!

  2. I also would pass on a bike ride of any distance in below freezing weather..

  3. You found an internet hut!!
    I miss you too!!!!!!

  4. samboy+Corey, you guys know how friggin cold it is here. And i always ride that damn bike, all winter. Well not on my day off.