Monday, February 21, 2011


Todays post was supposed to be this very long rant i wrote yesterday about comment etiquette on blogs, my own in particular.
It was a nice rant and i enjoyed writing it and getting it all out of my system, but today, when i though about posting it, i realized that i was completely over it.
The things that bothered me so much that i had to write it out, all of a sudden didn't bother me anymore.
I know i could have posted it anyway, but just thinking about it made me feel like a fake.
Like yelling "that's an outrage!" while secretly chuckling on the inside.
I'll keep it in draft and hope that maybe someday, someone else's comment will piss me off so bad that i'll need to give them a good old righteous lecture.
Until then, you'll just have to guess what my words of infinite wisdom might have been!

Instead of my righteous anger, you get a picture of... just... pure awesome, i guess you could call it.
The kind you just don't see every day.
We saw this yesterday on the way to the coffee shop.
There's a goodwill-type donation container on the corner, and on weekends it tends to overflow somewhat.
It doesn't help that people raid it and don't put the unwanted stuff back in, but that story would lead to a whole other outrage post that i'm not really in the mood for either.

There it was, in a pile of trash, pure awesomeness in a glorious early 90's frame

We went around the block with Lucifer, went in for a coffee and when we came back out, someone had taken it... can you blame them?

Lately i've been spending all of my computer time (which hasn't been all that much, for some reason) looking for a new apartment.
It's probably mostly the cold making me desperate to live closer, much closer, to the shop, but i really do want to move.
Life would be easier if the shop was just a short walk away instead of a 15 minute bike ride in the rain.
Well, 20 on a busted old bike like mine.
It's funny, but i was thinking this when we were riding home from work today: my apartment is everything i wanted three and a half years ago.
Yeah, it's time.


  1. oh but now I want to read the rant! *pout*

    I hope you find a cool new apartment - I keep looking at huge fancy houses for sale. I can't afford any of them, especially not one this fancy ( ) but looking is fun :)

  2. Did i just see a unicorn bedpost?? I think that makes it a castle somehow!

  3. I don't know who that dude is, but I am sad you didn't get to nab it... because that is a SWEEET picture. I hate apartment hunting. It should be much more fun that it actually is. Like job searching, is always a chore. Apartment hunting is always really stressful for us. Viewing, making sure we have deposits together, getting really excited/unexcited and then finding out someone else took the bloody place! But the laws here about renting and lead paint and kids make it extra annoying and paperwork heavy. Needless to say if we move again, it'll be because we bought somewhere.