Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Prima ballerina

On Saturday when i was going with Mille and her friends to the costume party, i was late as always.
I had all day to get ready, but time always sneaks up on me and catches me by surprise, so around 8 pm i was all of a sudden in one hell of a hurry to get my ass out the door.
But since i don't dress up like this every day, or even every year for that matter, we needed pictures.
Of course most of Allan's precious equipment was at the shop, so we had to make due with just the basics, and since we didn't have much time we only took a few, but i think they actually turned out pretty great, all things considered.
I do wish we could get a backdrop of some kind, like we have at the shop, but that might be overdoing it.
Anyway, here are the pictures of me,me,me!
The pictures of the party and the other three ladies are getting a post of their own.
What, i don't have much blogging material or time these days, so i gotta spread it out a bit!

(Hat: made by me, obviously, Dress: cheap satin lbd bought on sale at Rude, Sheer seamed stockings with a Cuban heel: from somewhere in Copenhagen, Black petticoat: on loan from Christel, Shoes: Topshop, Vintage gloves: from the forum flea market)


  1. Amalie, you look amazing! I actually did a little gasp when I saw the pictures, because the outfit is just beautiful! Lame, I know....

  2. FUCK HVOR ER DU FIN!!!!! Og jeg siger aldrig F ordet så jeg mener det virkelig :)

  3. Hold nu kæft hvor ser du godt ud! Du, min mouse, er hotness personified!

  4. Nejjjjj, hvor er du fin!
    Hvordan gik festen, fik du mange komplimenter, var du den pæneste der...ja, det tror jeg nok du var!

  5. You look so gorgeous! Is that the hat that you just made? I love it, especially with the tall feathers.

  6. Wauw - du ser fantastisk ud!

  7. Betty, thanks!!

    samboy, no no, gasping is totally fine with me!

    christel, det havde ikke været halvt så fint uden dit skørt. Tak!

    Alex, thanks!!

    Principessa, and thanks to you too!

    Hella J, hvis bare man kunne rende rundt og se sådan ud hver dag!

    fie, der var hård konkurrence, men jeg var godt tilfreds!

    Alex DeSpain, haha, thank you!!

    Martin P, taaak!

    Hanna, thanks!

    Fawn and Flower, thanks, yeah, that's the one! Gotta have some dramatic tall feathers for an occasion like this!

    Trine, 1000 tak!

    alice, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. heeey what a lovely outfit !

    so cute :)

  9. Wow! Very pretty!! Love the outfit and the HAT!!! Awesome!