Thursday, February 3, 2011

Green eyes

I met a cat this morning on my way to work.
And on a day where i didn't have Lucifer with me.
Talk about luck!

What a beauty!
Cute, playful and a good poser; all you can really ask for in a cat model

Now, in this picture he/she was a bit too fast for my Canon, but i think you'll understand why i needed to post in anyway, right?

I have been neglecting my Canon S90 a bit (a lot) since i got the new iPhone.
But i've missed it too, missed taking real pictures, so maybe i'll try to get better at bringing it along with me on a daily basis.

We had an early-ish day today, and we have a work at home day tomorrow, so for me it's basically weekend now.
I have to think of something fun to do, though, last time we had a long weekend i nearly got cabin fever.
Suggestions are welcome, as long as they don't include too much outdoor activity.


  1. That cat is making love to the camera. You can really tell that he's work in the industry before.

  2. what a handsome kitty!

    i think you should bake some cake or cookies tomorrow, then snuggle under a blanket and watch movies all day, while eating cake and drinking tea

  3. what an adorable cat great pics!

  4. I'm with Sam!! Mmmmm coooookies!!!
    Sød kone og flotte billeder foresten

  5. Jeg ville sige i skulle tage med til show iaften :)