Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day one

I did it today.
I worked out. In the living room, just as i'd planned.
Due to Xbox issues it took forever to get started, but once i did it was pretty great.
Great meaning excruciatingly painful, of course, but that was what i had hoped for.
It feels good to get started again, and i am hoping to be able to keep this up a couple of times a week, at least.
I'll keep you updated.

As you may or may not know Copenhagen Fashion Week is this week..
Now, fashion week usually has little to absolutely no affect on my life whatsoever, but this time around we actually both acknowledged it's existence and participated in an event.
Christel had invited us to come see her company's show, and i was pretty stoked to see a real life runway show.
It was pretty much exactly like i'd imagined: a bunch of hard working people whose efforts were mostly ignored by the very hip guests and pompous press who were too busy enjoying the free bar and looking at themselves to notice that there was a show going on.
So they looked at each other, and me and Allan looked at... everybody!
Apart from the fact that we were soaking wet from the rain, it was fun!

I'm guesstimating that there was an average of 15 non-smokers in the whole building

These boots have been packed away for about 10 years, but recently i sent them to the shoe repair shop for some new soles and a thorough cleaning to get rid of the basement moldiness... extreme basement shopping rules!
This guy tortured me for a whole hour today... it's some kitchy shit, but it sure works!

My parents are going on vacation tomorrow, the lucky bastards, so tonight we're going out for dinner with them.
New Orleans and St. Croix.
I'm not jealous at all.


  1. Heller ikke mig. Hverken på deres rejsedestinationer, eller din work out. At all. Overhovedet. Ikke. Nix, ingen jalousi her.



  2. well done you! me and the boyfriend are going to get some kind of fitness doohicky for the PS3 or Xbox and work out in the living room too. i can see fits of giggles happening...

  3. Really well done (about the working out!). It's something I plan for a looooooong time and always fail to do! Once I've been in a fashion show, too, as a guest of a guest of a friend's sister (!) and I wasn't really enjoying myself. So much effort on looking good and dressed-up so for eachother to stare, rather than for themselves... I do believe in dressing up for you and only you... It's a matter of self-respect for me...:)

  4. Oh, that dude really tortures you, doesn't he. I literally threw up after one of his workout sessions. Good luck!

  5. Hella J, Du skal da slet ikke være misundelig på workout. Det gør jo ondt og alt muligt! Desuden kan du jo bare downloade det samme program og komme i sving!

    samboy, That does sound like tons of fun!

    pandora89, True, too many people dress to impress people they don't even know. I do it too sometimes. It's much more healthy and fun to just dress for yourself!

    aixxx, I think i remember you telling me about doing one of the boot camps and i had no idea what it was.. isn't that right?
    But yeah, he just doesn't stop and let you breathe, so i can totally see why you threw up!