Thursday, February 24, 2011

All i want is more... no, less... no, more...

I am obsessed with moving.
It's been all i've been able to think about for weeks now.
I've been wanting to egt a new place for a while now, preferably one with some light and *sigh* a balcony.
They do exist, you know.
And while the icy cold winds blowing though Copenhagen these days are making most sane people dream of tropical vacations, they're just making me focus even more on eliminating the 15-20 minute bike ride home from my life.
I know, it doesn't sound like much, 15 minutes, and it probably isn't to most people, but for me it can be such a huge inconvenience, especially concerning our eating habits.
We work so late most days that even the late supermarkets and takeout places are closed by then, and even if i could make there it in time, i'm almost always accompanied by a furry little gentlemen (Lucifer, people, Lucifer) who's not allowed in those places.
So i'll usually go shopping for groceries while i'm at work in one neighborhood, transport them to the shop where i'm likely to forget about half, and then transport the other half home to a different neighborhood on my bike.*
And then, around the time when most people start thinking about getting ready for bed, i'll make dinner.
And when i'm too tired for that, we'll eat some crap from one of the kebab places that are open at all hours.
It's not a very healthy lifestyle, but it's a tough one to break when the only way to do it is to leave work super early even though there's still work to be done, and preferably sans dog.

Oh, but if i lived by the shop...
I'd go shopping during the slow part of the day and bring my groceries directly to my home instead of the shop.
I could even start preparing dinner while dropping them off, and then go back to work until it was dinner time.
We could leave Lucifer at home on busy days, instead of having to bring him to work every single day, and i could just pick him up and take him for walks during the day instead.
On weekends, when i start to get bored at home because we have no tv and the internet is boring and all my craft stuff is at the shop, i could just go there for a little while and work on something fun. If i suddenly had a good idea for something, i could just go around the corner and work on it for a bit, no planning required. Getting there and back wouldn't take forever, and i wouldn't feel bad for wasting time going there if my day didn't turn out super productive.
And if i lived by the shop i wouldn't have to spend the better part of an hour every night trying to regain the feeling in my frozen toes.

And in the summer, we'd have our morning coffee on the balcony, and it would be just our little personal space that we wouldn't have to share with anyone
Somewhere on this map, near the red dot, please

I feel weird wanting something this bad, especially since i've been really into ridding my life of stuff for the past couple of years now.
But a new home isn't stuff, and it's not just a place to put your stuff either. It's life, somehow, and i want a better one. Always.

*If i didn't know me i'd suggest making a food schedule and buying in bulk or something like that, but i loathe planning and i eat organic produce almost exclusively, and that shit doesn't last long in the fridge. So yeah, that won't work.


  1. good luck in your search! is it hard to find rental accommodation in Copenhagen or are there any stupid/annoying rules that will hinder your search? (where I used to live there were strange rules about non local people only being able to rent certain category places, which were usually more expensive)

  2. Hi Amalie. Nice veranda for a morning coffee...and a glas of red in the bright Danish evening. So you are the right person to ask about technical blog topics? I saw the snug link bar (Alans photo blog) after he (you?!) renewed his blog. Looks better than just a text link I thought and wanted to copy his idea if approved...just I can't see how to do it. You can reply whenever you have time to :

  3. i hope you find a dreamy place by the new shop!
    we are moving next year and i am really looking forward to it myself.
    not the actually moving part but the different living situation. though i fear we may end up being landlords for a while as selling our house in the current market is yikes! xoxo

  4. Åh, det er mit absolut YNGLINGS-ønsker-mig-en-lejlighed-lige-DER-i-hele-københavn-sted, indre nørrebro til højre for broen.

    Hvor er din butik? Og hvad sælger I?

    Jeg er helt sikker på at jo mere du sender dit ønske ud, des hurtigere sker det at du finder dig selv og din morgenkaffe på den altan til sommer!

    :) Astrid!

  5. I would kill to only have 15 minutes to school haha. I have almost an hour every day.
    I know exactly what you mean with the groceries. I hate having to plan what I want to eat for dinner 2 days from now.
    We're looking for a new apartment closer to the city too but so are 64721964 other people :/
    I hope you guys find something nice closer to the shop soon.

  6. Jeg er også fuldstændig besat af at finde et nyt sted at bo. Eller til sommer, men man må jo lede, og det er virkelig udmattende. Jeg tænker på det hele tiden; i skolen, på arbejde, når jeg ser tv... Glæder mig til der kommer ro på den front en dag. Held og lykke til jer:)


  7. I'd love a balcony like that! That would be a dream.

  8. Alex, super hard, so i'm considering buying a place. Rentals are even rarer than cheap coffee in this city, and the place we have not is almost a little miracle, so i don't see that happening twice.

    mwcp japan-Straight edge Photography, right? i need that place! I'll get back to you soon with some tips!

    alice, you're moving!? So exciting! I've only ever seen pictures of your house and it looks so cute, but awesome if you found something even better!

    Astrid, ja, der er nok mange der gerne vil bo lige der, men der er altså også hyggeligt! I butikkenb laver manden tatoveringer og jeg laver hatte, så vi har lidt af hvert!

    Betty, thanks, i hope you'll have luck in your search too!

    Ditte, i lige måde, håber også du kan drikke morgen kaffe i dit yndlings kvarter til sommer!

    Vanessa, mine too, but i'd settle for a smaller one, as long as it was all mine.