Friday, January 21, 2011

Life signs

Oh hi! I disappeared there for a few days, didn't i?
I've been working and getting home super late, and as it usually is when i'm busy, the blog is the first victim of me downsizing my workload, since i can't very well cut back on my actual job.
But fear not, i'm still around and haven't completely succumbed to winter depression yet.
I have a lot of things to write and share, in some cases even over share, but i don't feel like i have the time or energy to do it, so for now, a quick "still here" post will have to do.

I'll try to do a real post this weekend.
For reals.

Here's one of the things i've been doing when not working; gaming with the guys*

*We don't actually play Ghost Recon anymore, since we're all about Call of Duty these days, but this sweet custom made tee has my name on the back, so it's still perfect for game night.

Ps. I do regularly update my Twitter and, for my fellow iPhone nerds, Instagram, so as always, go follow me there too!


  1. 'whats this instagram?' i said after reading your post! where have i been: i'm obviously not the nerd I thought I was! i'm off to get it now..thanks for spreading the nerd love!ha!

  2. You're welcome, guess i'll see you there!

  3. I'm hijacking the boyfriend's iphone just so i can now spam kirsty with instagram pics. HAH kirsty!

    Amalie, you know your picture is gonna turn up on some weird nerd perve website right? xbox AND ghost recon? Thats nerd porn right there!

  4. do you play COD online too ? What is your Gamertag ? Do you play WAW, MWF 1, 2, or BO ?
    My Gamertag is " Himmelvater "

  5. We don't play online yet, but as soon as Nick is settled in HK he's gonna buy and xbox and you'll definitely see us all online!
    We're playing Black Ops these days.
    Before that it was Modern Warfare 2 i think. So awesome.

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