Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good intentions

I've had the laziest, most restless Saturday.
I keep wishing for more time off, and whining to myself about not being home enough, but when i'm finally here, with nothing to do, i find myself stumped.
I realized today that moving my entire work room to the shop does have a few disadvantages, one of them being that i can't work on projects on the weekends.
Moving closer to the shop is getting higher and higher on my to-do list.

During the day we've done some cleaning, laundry, i've shopped for groceries and we've listened to records but besides that... nothing. All day.
I did think long and hard about reading a book, though, but thinking about it hardly counts, does it?

This is the piece i've been dying to get back to
 Only the veil has been sewn to the base so far, so lots can still change before i'm done

It's not that often i work on project for myself, but i find them just as difficult to make as custom items for other people. I'm such a high maintenance client!

In about two hours we're going for sushi.
I haven't been to Bento since way before Japan, so i'm excited to see everyone and eat some of Copenhagens finest Japanese food.
Also, excited to just do something... anything!


  1. That hat is gorgeous! I am coveting.....

  2. beautiful beautiful hat and lady wearer of hat :)

  3. such a pretty hat :)

    I can't wait to get married so I can commission you to make me my fancy wedding hat!

  4. You did a wonderful job
    your hats are wonderful

  5. Beautiful!!!
    I love the hat :)
    Kisses from Portugal

  6. Corvid Delights, thank you, i hope you'll enjoy the finished result as well!

    Vanessa, thanks:)

    samboy, uh, i'm excited for that too!

    Fedulab, thank you!

    Joana, thanks a lot!