Saturday, January 8, 2011


Most of you must have noticed by now that i have a serious love of flea markets and the old stuff you can buy at them, and that i normally don't pass up an opportunity to go to one, whether i actually need something or not.
Well, today was a bit of an exception.
I went, but only because i had to.
Let me explain.
Back in the fall some time, i can't remember exactly when, i went to this same flea market and met a vendor who sold handmade crochet blankets. She didn't have the kind i wanted, but said that she'd make one for me, and bring it to Copenhagen the next time she came over. I guess she's from Jylland.
Anyway, we've been keeping in touch and a few days ago she wrote me that she finished the blanket and asked if i could come to the market and pick it up.
So that's why i braved the gray and gloomy weather and went to a flea market all by myself.
Now, the blanket is for the office at the shop, so you'll have to wait for just a little longer to see that in its new home, but i did get a few other items that i can share with you right away.
It's one of the bigger flea markets in town and the prices sadly reflect that
My loot: a few frames, a pair of vintage lace gloves, a dollhouse prop to put on a hat and a mystery box
Inside the box, a pair of vintage sock garters in perfect condition... score!

I'll most likely post the blanket on the other blog one of these days.
I hope it's gonna look as awesome as i imagine it will.


  1. I've always wanted sock garters. Maybe there's something about that "fancy and/or really stuffy old man" aura... I think I could pull them off. Hahaha or maybe it'd be terrible.

  2. Ladybastard, Hi! Thanks!

    nova, i think i'll be able to pull them off too, but i guess i'll have to wait till spring to find out!