Thursday, January 27, 2011

From a basement on Nørrebro

Time for an experiment!
I am blogging from work!
Now, most of you probably didn't know that this is a thing i don't do, so it's hardly an exciting experiment for anyone but me, but seeing as i'd probably be too tired to blog after work, as i've been *ahem* lately, i hope you'll be pleased with it nonetheless.
Wow, blogging-from-work-me sure likes long sentences, huh?
Maybe she's had a few too many black teas...

Anyway, as promised last night on twitter or instagram or whatever, here are some pictures from my tattoo session yesterday.
Neither me nor Allan were feeling it, and it took a lot of convincing from both sides to even make it to the shop, so i'm kind of amazed that it happened at all.
It was a short session, though, no need to be a hero at home.

A very tired and miserable tattooer
 You don't notice it much normally, but most of my thigh is actually one big scar due to a nasty encounter with some boiling water as a kid, but the weird elephant-like skin i have there is somehow kind of appropriate now!
My new knee... Shige is gonna laugh when he finds out that his evil plan (scroll down a bit) worked

Some day, when these two pieces are finally finished, i'm gonna have the prettiest thighs ever.
I don't know when Allan will have time to tattoo me again, but i'm hoping for another session soon.
We're adding even more stuff, next time to that empty spot on the inner thigh, but i'll keep that part of the design a secret for now.


  1. it's so pretty! so worth the tape blister!

  2. "spot on inner thigh" just makes me want to barf in sympathy pain. Also? Because I have the same spot to fill some day. UUUUGH

  3. I really like that. Nice! You are right about the elephant truck. It covers the scar nicely. I wouldn't have known or noticed.

  4. you are such a brave girl, I bet the knee hurts as hell :D
    but I must admit I am a little jealous, too. alls your tattoos are beautiful an suit you so well!

  5. Du får de flotteste lår ever!!
    Glæder mig til at se dem færdige engang!


  6. kirsty, sure is!

    San Smith, thanks!

    little_trouble_girl, thank you!

    nova, yeah, it's not a great spot, that's for sure.

    Be one with the Fro, i think it's just noticeable to me cause i know it's there, it's really very subtle.
    But why not cover it when you can, right?

    Lilly Panic, trust me, i'm not brave at all, i hate getting tattooed!

    Karla og Ditte, tak, jeg håber det bliver snart!!