Monday, January 3, 2011

Eating vegetables

I tend to post a lot of pictures of what i eat and i have on occasion been asked for a recipe or two (it doesn't happen that often) when i post food pictures, and since i never use a recipe myself, but rather just make stuff up as i go along, i figured that the blog could be a good place to write it all down.
Seriously, you'd think the labels were for my readers, but really they're mostly for me to keep track of my own life!
So, from now on, if i cook something that i'd like to try making again sometime, i may post the recipe here before i forget it, and attach the brand new label called "recipes".

Today i made a dish called "root vegetables and other stuff i found in my fridge that i had to eat before it expired".
Not very catchy, i know.
I was expecting it to be ok, but it was actually better than that, it was really friggin delicious.
Definitely one of those things i'd like to make again, but would most likely forget how to make before i had the chance.
Oh, you know that old cliché about how good food is made with lots of love? Well i call bullshit on that one, because i was positively furious when i made this and it turned out awesome. So there.
Anyway, this is mostly for me, but if any of you would like to give this easy dish a try, feel free.

I used:

About six or seven sliced potatoes
Three big sweet potatoes cut in square chunks
Half a zucchini
Crumbled goat cheese, you know, the kind that looks and tastes like feta, but they can't call it that anymore or something?
One red onion
A couple of sliced parsnips
Half a celery root
One leek, sliced
Half a lemon (first i squeezed the juice from it into the mix, then i cut the rest into quarters and tossed them in there too)

Most of the ingredients i used are organic, but if you're not a eco-nazi like me, regular produce will work fine too.
So, i put all of it in a big oven proof dish, and with my hands (it's the only way to really get it all to come together) i mixed in lots of olive oil, fresh garlic, salt and pepper, ground coriander, rosemary and oregano.
Some fresh thyme would have been great in this, but Irma had nothing today, it being the first work day of the new year and all.
I think i gave it about 45 minutes in the preheated oven on 200 c (that's 392 degrees Fahrenheit) but it could have been a little longer. I had it on the grill setting for the last 15 minutes, that i do remember.
When it was done, i put in some of this fancy Austrian oil that our friends Igl and Bernie gave us this summer, and while i'm sure it'll taste good without it too, i'd definitely recommend that you try it out, if you can get your hands on it.
Allan had his with some of the roast left over from new years, and i had mine with a couple of fried eggs, but you could probably serve it with lots of things. Or alone, that'd work too.

I was actually gonna put fresh avocado in it too, but i forgot
The Austrian miracle oil

This dish was the highlight of my day, so as you can probably guess, my day has been pretty fucking weak.
I'm hoping tomorrow will be way less frustrating.


  1. Mandag!
    I det mindste var maden... onsdag?

  2. the best oil ever ... have some more and you will live forever

  3. looks deeeelish! i still, on occasion, think about that salad we had one night..with potatoes and tsatsiki or something.. i dont even remember what all was in it, but i remember loving it! i think we had it with some fake meat..... hmmmm....

    im going to bring you a yummy (vegan!) salad dressing from here on maui. its so good!!

  4. Hey Amalie, Feta is traditionally made with ewe's milk, not goats milk, hence the not calling it Feta.

    Yep thats right, in France we are cheese nazis


  5. Hella J, klar torsdag!

    ada, i'm down with that!

    Corey, mmm, exotic new salad dressings... can't wait!

    Joseph, the world needs cheese nazis to keep rogue nations like mine in check:

    "After a long legal battle with Denmark, which produced a cheese under the same name using artificially blanched cow's milk, the term "feta" has been a protected designation of origin (PDO) since July 2002, which limits the term within the European Union to feta made exclusively of sheep's/goat's milk in Greece. According to the Commission, the biodiversity of the land coupled with the special breeds of sheep and goats used for milk is what gives feta cheese a specific aroma and flavor.

    When needed to describe an imitation to feta, names such as "salad cheese" and "Greek-style cheese" are used. The European Commission gave other nations five years to find a new name for their "feta" cheese, or to stop production. Because of the decision by the European Union, Danish dairy company Arla Foods changed the name of their product to apetina."