Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We've had a few crazy busy, but fun, days.
Allan tattooed Christel on Sunday and we all hung out and ate cake and talked all day.
For someone who doesn't get to see her friends very often, it was quite the treat.

Helle got some surprise touchup on her back by Eckel who had somehow survived a week on the north pole
Christel had baked the most delicious cheesecake

Yesterday we had another brilliant hangout day, when our favorite Swedish American dropped by with her dad, for almost a full day of hanging out and catching up.

Allan got this magnificent hat from his Russian client 
We had Thai food in the kitchen
My pictures of Hanna turned out lame, so instead you get this picture she took of Lucifer

Today Allan needs a break from the almost non stop tattooing and drawing, and i need a break from talking.
Being this social when you're basically a hermit is hard work!


  1. Hey a little awesomeness from time to time is always worthwhile ^^

  2. I wanna know what Eckel is doing to Allan to make him look so terrified!

    awww look at lucifer's little face! ^_^

  3. Lucifer? What an amazing canine! and the cheese cake looks delicious! Nom! x

  4. Hella J, selv!

    Joseph, for sure!!

    samboy, what he always does; inappropriate groping!

    Spinal Lou, yeah, Lucifer and cheesecake are pretty much the best things ever!