Monday, January 31, 2011

About time

So, Nick left us today and i am fine, and i totally do not care, and i'm not gonna miss him at all, and if anyone says differently they're most definitely, totally lying.
Yeah. Glad we got that out of the way.
But, in spite of the fact (yes, fact!) that no one is gonna miss anyone, at all, we still went ahead and got BFF tattoos last night.
Just, you know, cause we had nothing better to do or whatever.

Same stencil for all three

Nick tattooing me for the first time ever (i know, weird)

My awesome little tripod

Three dumb WotW geeks

Go visit the other blog for a fuller story, and a short but sweet video of Nick getting tattooed!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good intentions

I've had the laziest, most restless Saturday.
I keep wishing for more time off, and whining to myself about not being home enough, but when i'm finally here, with nothing to do, i find myself stumped.
I realized today that moving my entire work room to the shop does have a few disadvantages, one of them being that i can't work on projects on the weekends.
Moving closer to the shop is getting higher and higher on my to-do list.

During the day we've done some cleaning, laundry, i've shopped for groceries and we've listened to records but besides that... nothing. All day.
I did think long and hard about reading a book, though, but thinking about it hardly counts, does it?

This is the piece i've been dying to get back to
 Only the veil has been sewn to the base so far, so lots can still change before i'm done

It's not that often i work on project for myself, but i find them just as difficult to make as custom items for other people. I'm such a high maintenance client!

In about two hours we're going for sushi.
I haven't been to Bento since way before Japan, so i'm excited to see everyone and eat some of Copenhagens finest Japanese food.
Also, excited to just do something... anything!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

From a basement on Nørrebro

Time for an experiment!
I am blogging from work!
Now, most of you probably didn't know that this is a thing i don't do, so it's hardly an exciting experiment for anyone but me, but seeing as i'd probably be too tired to blog after work, as i've been *ahem* lately, i hope you'll be pleased with it nonetheless.
Wow, blogging-from-work-me sure likes long sentences, huh?
Maybe she's had a few too many black teas...

Anyway, as promised last night on twitter or instagram or whatever, here are some pictures from my tattoo session yesterday.
Neither me nor Allan were feeling it, and it took a lot of convincing from both sides to even make it to the shop, so i'm kind of amazed that it happened at all.
It was a short session, though, no need to be a hero at home.

A very tired and miserable tattooer
 You don't notice it much normally, but most of my thigh is actually one big scar due to a nasty encounter with some boiling water as a kid, but the weird elephant-like skin i have there is somehow kind of appropriate now!
My new knee... Shige is gonna laugh when he finds out that his evil plan (scroll down a bit) worked

Some day, when these two pieces are finally finished, i'm gonna have the prettiest thighs ever.
I don't know when Allan will have time to tattoo me again, but i'm hoping for another session soon.
We're adding even more stuff, next time to that empty spot on the inner thigh, but i'll keep that part of the design a secret for now.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Today i was supposed to get tattooed, but, just like last time, it didn't happen.
I'm ok with it, though, i was in the mood for a relaxing weekend anyway.
Yesterday we did absolutely nothing, but today we managed to drag our lazy asses to the shop and meet up with the Larsen family, aka my cousin and his wife and kids.
They'd promised us some antlers from their new summerhouse in Sweden and we'd promised them coffee and a tour of the shop.
So we had cake and hung out. I still love being at the shop on Sundays, and i love visits from relatives.

The biggest antlers now adorn the office
William and Lucifer

Yonas and Lucifer

I'm working on piecing some of these bird skulls together... click here and here to see where these came from
We just finished eating some fake-meat meat sauce, that even got the approval of the meat Nazi (that's Nick, in case you didn't know) and now we're about to chill with some Caprica on the couch

Happy rest-of-the-weekend to all of you!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Life signs

Oh hi! I disappeared there for a few days, didn't i?
I've been working and getting home super late, and as it usually is when i'm busy, the blog is the first victim of me downsizing my workload, since i can't very well cut back on my actual job.
But fear not, i'm still around and haven't completely succumbed to winter depression yet.
I have a lot of things to write and share, in some cases even over share, but i don't feel like i have the time or energy to do it, so for now, a quick "still here" post will have to do.

I'll try to do a real post this weekend.
For reals.

Here's one of the things i've been doing when not working; gaming with the guys*

*We don't actually play Ghost Recon anymore, since we're all about Call of Duty these days, but this sweet custom made tee has my name on the back, so it's still perfect for game night.

Ps. I do regularly update my Twitter and, for my fellow iPhone nerds, Instagram, so as always, go follow me there too!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cold, wet

The weather in Copenhagen is absolutely vile these days. Vile i tell you.
Rainy, gray and foggy too.
And cold, of course. Let's not forget cold.
I've been feeling sad and uninspired and i blame the weather entirely.
It's hard to explain to people who come from areas without seasons, but not seeing the sky and the sun for a few weeks does things to a person.

Yesterday we went to the shop to draw, hang out and make hats.
We took an extra heater and an ipod dock into the drawing room, made some coffee and tea, and had ourselves a pretty decent little work day while Nick tattooed in the next room.
Candles, tea, cuddles. You gotta do whatever you can to get through the Scandinavian winter.

Lucifer is not a huge fan of winter either
I re-upholstered this old mirror, so now i won't have to go to the toilet to check size and placement while i work
 I started on some new projects
 I made a big old mess
And i took pictures of myself using the magic of the reversible camera (i still can't get over how awesome that is!)

Today, Sunday, we had to go to IKEA. And the weather wasn't any better than the previous days.
But we needed to buy rugs for ourselves, and for my grandfather in particular.
So to the land of cheap Swedish furniture and bored, screaming kids we went.
And we got our rugs, four of them.
Lucifer practically hasn't stopped swimming on them for more than 5 minutes since we got home.
I've seriously never seen him this happy.

We bought some cinnamon buns that we ate at my grandfathers
He seemed happy with the purchase, less happy with the bills in his mailbox
I haven't owned one of these in years, but due to my new no-iphone-in-bed rule, i had to go old school
Lucifer takes a short break

Tonight is game night with the guys, something we've all been looking forward to since last time, when we finally figured out how to play co-op against a shit ton of enemies and not each other.
Why must they make it so hard?
(Answer: so people will use xbox live instead).

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Who would have thought that gel nails would be bad for your actual nails?
Not having had my nails done professionally before, i didn't know, but i sure found out when i removed the kitty nails i had done in Japan.
I seriously had to pry the gel off with a sharp object because nail polish remover didn't work, and underneath the gel my nails were broken and brittle.
Some actual nail even came off with the gel. Harsh.
It was still worth it though, having fancy kitty nails, but next time i probably won't keep them on for that long.

I had to put on several layers of polish immediately after the removal, to hide the damage
The process
The kitty nails, in case you'd forgotten, or didn't see them the first time around

Allan is working from home today, and even though i planned to go to work, it's hard to go outside in the cold, gray weather, when the inside is full of Allan, Lucifer, warmth, and Nina Simone.
Maybe i'll make it there, and if not, i'm sure that'll be ok too.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We've had a few crazy busy, but fun, days.
Allan tattooed Christel on Sunday and we all hung out and ate cake and talked all day.
For someone who doesn't get to see her friends very often, it was quite the treat.

Helle got some surprise touchup on her back by Eckel who had somehow survived a week on the north pole
Christel had baked the most delicious cheesecake

Yesterday we had another brilliant hangout day, when our favorite Swedish American dropped by with her dad, for almost a full day of hanging out and catching up.

Allan got this magnificent hat from his Russian client 
We had Thai food in the kitchen
My pictures of Hanna turned out lame, so instead you get this picture she took of Lucifer

Today Allan needs a break from the almost non stop tattooing and drawing, and i need a break from talking.
Being this social when you're basically a hermit is hard work!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Most of you must have noticed by now that i have a serious love of flea markets and the old stuff you can buy at them, and that i normally don't pass up an opportunity to go to one, whether i actually need something or not.
Well, today was a bit of an exception.
I went, but only because i had to.
Let me explain.
Back in the fall some time, i can't remember exactly when, i went to this same flea market and met a vendor who sold handmade crochet blankets. She didn't have the kind i wanted, but said that she'd make one for me, and bring it to Copenhagen the next time she came over. I guess she's from Jylland.
Anyway, we've been keeping in touch and a few days ago she wrote me that she finished the blanket and asked if i could come to the market and pick it up.
So that's why i braved the gray and gloomy weather and went to a flea market all by myself.
Now, the blanket is for the office at the shop, so you'll have to wait for just a little longer to see that in its new home, but i did get a few other items that i can share with you right away.
It's one of the bigger flea markets in town and the prices sadly reflect that
My loot: a few frames, a pair of vintage lace gloves, a dollhouse prop to put on a hat and a mystery box
Inside the box, a pair of vintage sock garters in perfect condition... score!

I'll most likely post the blanket on the other blog one of these days.
I hope it's gonna look as awesome as i imagine it will.

On the fringe

I was gonna blog last night, but i got sucked into a Fringe marathon on the couch instead.
That's been happening a lot lately.

I'm so tired at night i can barely keep my eyes open. And i get easily frustrated too.
I think that's a pretty normal winter condition, but it still sucks.
Better than the flu, though, and i've been spared from that so far.
And i'm not feeling any kind of real winter depression either, like so many of my fellow Scandinavians probably are.
In fact, i'm feeling pretty good.

Sunburst by the lakes
Today most of the snow has melted and it's wet and gray instead of bright and white
I've been finishing these old things, and i gotta say, they turned out so well
Lucifer doesn't mind winter, and the extra snuggling that comes with it

Check back later if you wanna see a few pictures from the flea market i went to today.
And don't forget to go follow my husbands new photography blog. It's updated way more often than his tattoo blog!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crappy crafts

Another day, another client calls in sick. Luckily we got the message in time, so we could just take a day off and stay at home. We've had a lot of half days and off days lately, but i must admit that i needed another one after just one day back at the office.

Today we took a nice walk down to the lakes where we fed the ducks, coots, and the damn seagulls too. Those things are like hummingbirds... big, white hummingbirds that can catch food in midair. Pretty cool when you think about it, but nearly impossible to photograph (especially if you have an iphone/mitten situation going on, like i usually do).

 A little bit of food will make you very popular with these guys

Today i also dusted off my sewing machine (i mean that literally, i haven't used it in ages) and made a temporary iphone pouch.
I haven't decided if i want a case for it yet, but i can't leave it in my bag with all my crap, and worst of all; keys, so i made this... thing.
I think i managed to take a picture that hides its flaws and accentuates its only cool feature: the deer patch.
I'm not even fishing for compliments here, technically it's a piece of crap, the worst thing i've made in years, but it's practical and it'll do for now.

It's lined with a soft, purple corduroy fabric because only the best is good enough for my phone

If i blog tomorrow, and i probably will, i promise it won't be the least bit iphone related.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

They tried to keep us apart

Today seriously whooped yesterdays ass.
I made green smoothies for breakfast, and my husband sorted out the drama with the phone company (he always steps in to save the day, and i'm sure he's totally sick of it by now), so i could finally get my iPhizzle4. Finally.
We also visited my grandfather, who is home now and bitter as ever, and watched Scott Pilgrim for the second time, this time with Martin and Christel who hadn't seen it before.

It's so... shiny

I'm updating my apps and stuff, and i can't believe how careful i'm being with this phone.
It feels so fragile compared to my old one, the one that i dropped about three times a day.
Well, no more of that, i guess.
I can't stand those expensive rubber cases they're selling here, so i'm gonna sew a temporary one for it tomorrow. Just something that'll last me until Japan.

Ok, gotta go see how my new toy handles Fruit Ninja!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Eating vegetables

I tend to post a lot of pictures of what i eat and i have on occasion been asked for a recipe or two (it doesn't happen that often) when i post food pictures, and since i never use a recipe myself, but rather just make stuff up as i go along, i figured that the blog could be a good place to write it all down.
Seriously, you'd think the labels were for my readers, but really they're mostly for me to keep track of my own life!
So, from now on, if i cook something that i'd like to try making again sometime, i may post the recipe here before i forget it, and attach the brand new label called "recipes".

Today i made a dish called "root vegetables and other stuff i found in my fridge that i had to eat before it expired".
Not very catchy, i know.
I was expecting it to be ok, but it was actually better than that, it was really friggin delicious.
Definitely one of those things i'd like to make again, but would most likely forget how to make before i had the chance.
Oh, you know that old cliché about how good food is made with lots of love? Well i call bullshit on that one, because i was positively furious when i made this and it turned out awesome. So there.
Anyway, this is mostly for me, but if any of you would like to give this easy dish a try, feel free.

I used:

About six or seven sliced potatoes
Three big sweet potatoes cut in square chunks
Half a zucchini
Crumbled goat cheese, you know, the kind that looks and tastes like feta, but they can't call it that anymore or something?
One red onion
A couple of sliced parsnips
Half a celery root
One leek, sliced
Half a lemon (first i squeezed the juice from it into the mix, then i cut the rest into quarters and tossed them in there too)

Most of the ingredients i used are organic, but if you're not a eco-nazi like me, regular produce will work fine too.
So, i put all of it in a big oven proof dish, and with my hands (it's the only way to really get it all to come together) i mixed in lots of olive oil, fresh garlic, salt and pepper, ground coriander, rosemary and oregano.
Some fresh thyme would have been great in this, but Irma had nothing today, it being the first work day of the new year and all.
I think i gave it about 45 minutes in the preheated oven on 200 c (that's 392 degrees Fahrenheit) but it could have been a little longer. I had it on the grill setting for the last 15 minutes, that i do remember.
When it was done, i put in some of this fancy Austrian oil that our friends Igl and Bernie gave us this summer, and while i'm sure it'll taste good without it too, i'd definitely recommend that you try it out, if you can get your hands on it.
Allan had his with some of the roast left over from new years, and i had mine with a couple of fried eggs, but you could probably serve it with lots of things. Or alone, that'd work too.

I was actually gonna put fresh avocado in it too, but i forgot
The Austrian miracle oil

This dish was the highlight of my day, so as you can probably guess, my day has been pretty fucking weak.
I'm hoping tomorrow will be way less frustrating.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year, new header

As you can probably tell, i spent my day off (yes, another one!) doing some much needed blog updating.
Not that i didn't like the old banner, but i was growing tired of looking at it, so i made a new one. Initially it was just supposed to be a temporary one, but i figured that since i spent hours working on it, and actually kind of like it, i might as well keep it for a while.

In other news, we went to the shop (by car, what a treat!) to have pizza with the gang, and brought Nick back with us, so we could finally start watching Caprica.
You'd think we'd be worn out from the crazy V marathon we started, and finished, last night, but no.
Sci-fi, man. I just don't get tired of it.

Dear abc, please hurry the hell up and start airing season two before i finish Caprica, ok?

Ps. I realized yesterday that i left out a couple of really big 2010 changes in my "end-of-the-year" post.
Maybe because i was writing that while making dinner and making myself look like i didn't just roll out of bed? Or maybe because i'm just not very good at summarizing a whole year in 20 minutes. In any case, now it feels weird going back and editing something that's already out there, you know? I guess i'll just post about all that stuff if it comes up, and if not, maybe it wasn't blog material after all.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hi again!
You all ok?
We've had the most perfect, relaxed day on the couch.
Leftovers, chips, chocolate, naps, xbox and sci-fi.
And, in my case, no hangover!
I hope everyone reading this had a safe trip into the new year too.

Taken in the last hours of 2010, before my husband got completely shitfaced