Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter wonderland

We came home to this.
And lots of it.

Our street as it looked when i went grocery shopping today
Why i went outside in the first place; brunch, and lots of it

I miss Japan right now, but not half as much as i will tomorrow when i have to ride my bike (which is currently buried under a ton of snow) to work.
And also, when i have to actually work.

But despite the weather, today was a good first day back.
Brunch, movies, video games, family, bestest buddies and of course Lucifer.
Not everything sucks.


  1. I am impressed by all that food most of all. I am trying not to think about the snow because as a New England resident, it is invertible that we get some any day... now... and I need a new coat and boots. Urghhhh.

  2. same view, when i'm looking out the window, tonns of snow !
    mmmh, brunch 's looking good too !!!
    welcome home !

  3. Wow that snow shot is not very motivational for moving... It's a good thing that brunch shot makes up for it!

  4. Åhhh kender det alt for godt - for 2 uger siden lå jeg på en ø i Caribien og blev varmet igennem af solen - og nu jeg prøver hele tiden at drømme mig tilbage, men det lykkedes ikke rigtig....

  5. Oh Amalie! You are home already? Pity we didn't get to meet up! I guess you must have been busy! Good to see that you had great time in Japan. Looks really cold in Denmark. Keep warm! Take care!

  6. Hi there!
    What a lovely blog you have here!
    Nice pictures and good inspiration.. Thanks for sharing!

    Wanna be followers? Let me know..
    Love from Stockholm.. xoxo!