Friday, December 10, 2010

Week one

I would apologize for not being present on the blog lately, but i fear that you've all gotten used to it by now.
That's not how it's supposed to be and i promise that i'll resume my normal posting schedule (or at least something that resembles it) as soon as possible.
But this first week back has been kind of... i don't wanna say hectic, cause it hasn't been exactly that, but exhausting for sure. And consuming.
The shop is... getting there. The kitchen is finished (minus the lights because our former electrician is MIA) and the heating situation is finally being dealt with.
Supplies are rolling in, and before long everything should be back in stock.
I've started replying to the digital pile of emails that have stacked up since before we came back, and all the while i have been working on a christmas collection to sell at my parents' christmas market this weekend.
And going to the doctors. Ugh to that.
And dudes, that's just some of what we've been up to.

Ha, i totally ended up making a long list of excuses even though i wasn't gonna do that!
Let's just move on to some pictures, shall we?

It's still fucking cold here, but kinda beautiful too, at times
The worlds best dog in his winter attire
Landing strip (they're not frozen solid yet)
Christmas hygge at the shop
Game night, part one (i assume i was re-spawning when i took this?)

Oh, one good thing about December?
The Christmas Calendar is back!
My next post will be about the first ten days of goodies, so check back later.


  1. On the first 10 days of christmas my true love gave to me, tra la la la la laaa!

  2. Haha, ja, den har jeg også haft på hjernen!!

  3. Den gamle udgave med Bing Crosby er min ultimativt yndlings kom-i-jule-stemning-sang!

  4. I am so excited for craft days and game nights!!
    Please can I come now??