Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A quick trip to Bisserup

I really should have spent my weekend unpacking and getting the apartment back to, ahem, normal, but instead we spent the weekend in the country.
My parents were having their annual two-day Christmas market and we were there to help out, and in my case, to participate.
Sales wise it was good for some, and less good for others (others being me), but it's always cozy as hell. Cold, but cozy.

Lucifer wore his fancy Christmas sweater

My dad and brother (and their colleagues who didn't fit in the picture- sorry guys) entertained the guests with some sweet Christmas tunes

Some of my moms new work, displayed lovely as ever

Some of my new work that i kind of worked my ass off to finish in time... let's just say i shouldn't have bothered

An old hat with a new bird

Homemade chocolates are always a huge seller, and they sold out this year too

Baskets for all occasions

Saturday night my mom made delicious dinner, followed by this absolute masterpiece... mmmmm

I slept pretty terrible, as i was constantly awoken by either a restless Lucifer or a fire that needed tending, but i woke up to this:

Me and Allan took the dog for a (again, cold) walk on the beach before getting back into the market spirit

So friggin pretty

We had to get up and go to work Monday morning, so we left, along with my cousin, on Sunday night.
Jean-Luc was a real trooper and handled the drive down there and back with no problems.
I think we may have underestimated him.

Fun as it was, i am looking forward to this coming Saturday, where i can stay on Vesterbro and get my shit in order, and maybe even list some stuff on etsy.


  1. Damn! Den kage der? Den ser for vild ud!
    Som altid smukke billeder af land idyl!

  2. looks lovely!

    also...thought you might appreciate this...
    ...there's a guy at my work who changed his name to jean-luc picard!!
    thats his real life name now!
    what a kewl old man he is! :)

  3. wow it seems like it wasnt all that long ago that you were posting about the christmas market.. where does the time go??

  4. Hella J, den smagte helt genialt!

    sarita, that's pretty much the coolest thing ever. What a character he must be!

    Corey, i know, it's depressing, really.