Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the first ten days of...

I'd initially decided to post about this years Christmas package calender on Twitter only, but after doing the first three days like that, and after returning to Denmark, i kind of lost track.
So now they're gonna end up on the blog, where i think they belong, anyway.

As usual these gifts are far to nice to be in a calendar package, and they're all much nicer than the actual Christmas presents i'm getting him, but that's just how Allan rolls, and i've yet to find a way to stop him!

Day 1: Super cute watch necklace
Creative packaging
Day two: Preppy tights
Day three: Nrrd glasses
Day four: More preppy tights (pretty much my favorite thing)
Day five: Trek goodness (yes, we've listened to it and it's gooood)Day six: Screw learning Japanese, i'm gonna learn Klingon instead... qaStaH nuq?
Day seven: Lovely floral tights that make me long for spring
Day eight: A very red, very nerdy t-shirt (get the reference?)
Day nine: All three of them!
Day ten: No, i haven't seen it yet, and yes, i know it's gonna make me cry

I'll be back soon with more Christmas Calendar awesomeness!


  1. Big Bang er simpelthen rykket op som favortserie no 1 herhjemme, sheldon er da bare fantastisk... Ubernice pakkekalender, men det ved du jo :-)

  2. lucky you! you get spoiled rotten, but I reckon you deserve it! :) x

  3. What lovely presents! I especially like the glasses.

    Toy Story 3 is brilliant. I love it so much.

  4. Specs
    Spaced Out
    and tights.

    In that order!

    Happy Holidays, pretty lady!

  5. i love this christmas calendar thing. maybe i should try to do it feodor next year? can you explain it again for us americans?
    also i saw your tweet about poinsettas.
    i love them! those people have no taste!

  6. Gode gaver:) Tænk at de strømpebukser får én til at drømme om forår SÅ meget. Og helvedet af kulde og slud er jo først lige begyndt. Suk!


  7. Bazinga! Awesome!!!

    I'm glad these are on the blog.. Twitter doesn't seem to fit into my life out here..

  8. Vibeke, det afsnit hvor han får for meget koffein og gemmer sig i boldene... priceless!

    samboy, i'm not sure anyone deserves this, but don't tell Allan!

    attackoftheraebot, we haven't had time to see it yet, but i know i'm gonna love it.

    Teagan, thanks, you too!

    alice, thanks, i'm glad it's not just me. But the older ladies seriously detest them! I had no idea!
    I'll send you a mail about the calendar thing, i sometimes had one as a child too, it's always a big hit!

    Ditte, Ja, og jeg fik flere i dag. Det er næsten ikke til at holde us at der er så lang vej endnu...

    Corey, i noticed that, you kind of disappeared from there!