Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh nos

In an attempt to not sink into deep despair about what happened at the shop today, i instead tried to sink into deep denial.
It didn't quite work, but i managed to get through the day without completely losing my shit, and i'm gonna go ahead and say that's nothing short of an amazing accomplishment.

I know i haven't really blogged much about what i got for Christmas this year, but among my presents was a bunch of sewing and crafting stuff from Allan's late grandmothers house, and just trying to fit that into my tiny area meant rearranging everything, so that kept me busy for most of the day.
Allan dealt with the belated super-Monday by going downtown to talk to some photogeeks about building a darkroom, and by hanging some paintings in the front room.
After work we had pizza in the kitchen with the gang, so the day actually ended up being pretty awesome.

Tomorrow we've had not one, but two cancellations, so we decided to just say fuck it and stay home.
Seems like the thing to do, if we wanna stay sane.

My work area, all organized and fancy

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