Monday, December 27, 2010

The official Christmas post

So, Christmas is finally over, huh?
I had a great one, but in some ways, more dramatic than i would have hoped.
Families are always difficult, no matter how great they are, and mine is no different.
You always want them to be happy, and do what's best for them, but in some cases, your help just isn't wanted, you know?
I can't really get into any more detail than that, but the unresolved issues of a few relatives wasn't the main drama anyway.

It sounds like i had a terrible time already, which i totally didn't.
We had great food, nice walks, sweet presents* and good times, but the fact that my grandfather fell and busted his arm and almost cracked a few ribs on the morning of the 24th (which is the day we Scandinavians celebrate Christmas, the 25th is just the day after, in case you didn't know) kinda put a damper on the mood!
Due to the crazy weather, and everything being closed for the holidays, we couldn't get a doctor to the house until the 25th and when she saw him, she immediately arranged for an ambulance to come and take him in for a check up at a not-so-nearby hospital.
Lucky for him and his worried family, he hadn't fractured anything and they sent him back to us the same night.

But other than my grandfathers decision to get everyones attention by colliding with his wheeled walking aid, Christmas was great!
I just wish i'd taken more pictures, food and people ones in particular.

The fireplace in me and Allan's house demanded a lot of attention too
A crappy picture of our beautifully cluttered tree
Lucifer wearing a present we got for him in Japan (it only stayed on for about 5 second, and his cousin Carla got rid of hers even faster)
One of the presents i got for my parents; a handmade stitched portrait of their favorite little guy
And a close up... spitting image, right?
The day after Christmas i took a walk with my mom and cousin, while Allan drove his mother home... the weather was spectacular
I wore my brand new winter boots, courtesy of my husband who always knows just what i need
Although i'm a bit of a environmentalist-nerd, i am loving the results of this global warming/new ice age thing the planet's got going these days!
Seriously, this is what winter is supposed to look like!
My mom and Nikolaj doing some iceberg spotting
Yes, icebergs
Can you spot Lucifer?
My grandfather, enjoying some well-deserved risalamande after his 5 hour trip to the emergency room
The morning of the 26th the view from my moms kitchen looked like this, and i did not feel like going home
Before leaving for Allans brothers birthday in the afternoon, and ultimately Copenhagen, we went for one last walk, and of course we brought Lucifer's sleigh along (my dad built it for him, and it's pretty handy to have when the little guy gets cold paws and need a break!)
"I look like a folk dancer from the Faeroe Islands!" -My mom when she saw this picture
I love this picture, and the fact that the snow and sky turned everything pastel colored
At Allan's moms apartment in Næstved; tuna mousse for some, avocado salad for others... yum

I hate getting back to the city, and last night was no exception.
Our street hasn't been cleared for snow once, and even though Jean-Luc is tiny, getting a spot was tricky.
But we got parked, watched a few epic 80's movies and then we slept for about 10 hours.
It's a good thing we didn't have to work today, cause i'm not sure we would have made it.

I sincerely hope you all had a great Christmas, with just a little less drama than mine!

*The funniest one this tear; the tiny snow shovel my dad bough for Jean-Luc "from his grandparents". Priceless.


  1. how lucky your grandfather's doing well!
    i really like your blog, love the boat pic as well, very beautiful! my christmas wasn't very dramatic at all, got the flu and stayed on the couch the whole weekend. crap.

    hmm, sorry, i am not so good with comments, always sounds like a retard.
    happy new year!

  2. the winter landscape is gorgeous!
    happy your grandfather is okay!

  3. Beautiful pictures!

  4. i think the cross stitch looks just like Lucifer!! Nice work!

    Glad to hear that Grandfather is doing well! Scary when they fall!

  5. Ohh lord. You can make a movie from your post, I'm glad your grandpa is alive huh.

    I always enjoy your posts haha. :)

    Merry Christmas!


  6. karolina pettersson, oh man, sorry to hear you were sick for Christmas. I hope your new years is better!

    alice, thanks, i just talked to him a few minutes ago, and he's definitely feeling better already.

    Emilie, thank you very much!

    Corey, yeah, and he does it all the friggin time!

    Nika Gold, thanks, merry Christmas to you too!

  7. Haha, den færøske folkedanser ser da sød ud med sin røde hut.

    Dejlig jul og dejligt at se jer!

  8. Ja, i lige måde, det var sgu hyggeligt!