Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Monkeys! A preview"

I know i said i owed y'all a real post, but this is just not gonna be it.
We have so little time left here and i wanna get out there and live it, before i have to go back to the real world.
The real world... i can't say i've missed that place.
So, here are two pictures from the exact opposite of that!

From the snow monkey park near Nagano, more pictures, and a description of how to get there, will be posted when we're back in DK
Bathing apes and freezing Danes

Allan is having his last day of work at Inkrat, and i'm gonna drop by to see if today is the day i'm getting my nails done.
Yeah, fun nail stuff will happen, and hopefully today!
If not, i plan on paying a visit to my favorite Koenji shoe store, not because i need more shoes (although i always do) but because they seem to be having a huge going out of business sale.
So sad, but 50% off is a nice way of apologizing for the pain they're causing me by closing down!


  1. Bliv bliv bliv!!! De lover - (JA det er et minus!) 17 grader natten mellem torsdag og fredag. + chillfactor. Fuck!

  2. freezing danes ??? how is this possible, what‘s about the viking- genetic ? :-E

  3. that monkey is seriously adorable. He looks so mischievous! :) x

  4. Glad you made it to Nagano!!! I can't wait for more monkey photos.

  5. Oh, soo cute, i just came back from Japan a week ago (tried to get tattooed by Allan, but to late) but didnt go to Nagano, what a great tips! next time ill go and see the monkeys!

    /Erik, Gothenburg