Friday, December 3, 2010

Hello Kitty, goodbye Japan

We're leaving tomorrow, and as much as i want to write a whole, long, sad rant about how much i don't wanna go, i can't because it's late and i have to get up before 6 am to go to the airport.
In fact, i should be in bed right now.
I will be posting lots of Japan stuff as soon as i get home, but i couldn't leave without a goodbye post on the blog. Just a brief one. A nail, cat and tattoo related one.

A few days ago i got my nails done by Rei's girlfriend (lots more about that later).
But they weren't just nails, they were Hello Kitty-themed winter nails.
I'd been enjoying them for a few days, but for some reason that just wasn't enough for me.
So being the complete spontaneous idiot that i am, i thought "why stop there?" and today, when Allan was waiting for Rei to get to the shop so he could tattoo him (more about that later too), i convinced him to do a small goodbye tattoo on me.

My super fancy Hello Kitty winter gel nails
And my super fancy Kitty-chan souvenir tattoo

An awesome end to an awesome trip, and even though my husband hated me with a passion for about 20 minutes, it was worth it.

Goodnight and see you in Denmark!


  1. SÅ fin!!
    Kom godt hjem! Glæder mig til at se jer!

  2. i know jealousy isn't a good colour but gosh darn it, I'm that colour! x

  3. aaahhh love it *____* looks awesome!

  4. You know whats awesome...awesome is that I got the same tattoo on the 27 of November :). Ha ha! On the pointer finger! Great minds...:) Although, I wasn't totally cool in Japan :(. and me...hello kitty twins! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  5. feodor loves hello kitty too!

  6. Hella J, du kan da bare kigge forbi frostboksen, vi er ligesom hjemme nu!

    princess sputnik, thanks!!

    Kim-Anh Nguyen, thanks, i do too!

    Alex, stupid, but awesome!

    samboy, like a lime greenish?
    I've been that color.

    Álfarull, thanks!

    Janna Lynn, That's so crazy!! I mean, i know we're not the only people with Hello Kitty tattoos, but still, same finger and so close to the same date? Twins!

    alice, i love Feodor!!

  7. OH I'm Jealous!!! Grøn af misundelse, men på den gode måde, Det er det flotteste jeg længe har set :)
    The kitty finger!! :)