Saturday, November 20, 2010

This and that

I'm embarrassed.
It's been days since i've blogged.
I don't know why, but i'm in a weird place.
I feel like time i moving too fast for me.
This is not new, by the way, i always feel like that, but now more than usual.
I don't know what i'm doing with myself these days, or where my days are going.
I'm doing some shopping, some sightseeing, some drawing, a lot of studying, some hanging out with friends.... nothing out of the ordinary, but still i feel like something is off and i should be doing something more. Or different.
Shit, i don't know.
I just don't wanna waste any time.
Allan is so bummed because he has to work so much, but i must admit i envy him sometimes.
At least he always has a purpose and a plan, he always knows exactly what he's supposed to do and where he's supposed to be.
I'm just sort of floating around aimlessly.
And feeling like crap. Physically, that is. Stupid health issues.
And i worry too much about shit at home i can't do anything about anyway, and about things here that can't be helped either.
Wow, i sound miserable! I'm really not, i'm just having a weird day, i guess.
I think things will feel clearer in a few days when we've gotten our remaining tattoo sessions over with (so worried about that too, of course) and Allan finally has time off.
We're planning a few trips away from the city, and although i friggin LOVE Tokyo i can't wait to get out of town for a while with my baby.
But i am happy to be here, i always am.
I love Japan, and although i've been here so many times, it never fails to amaze me.

In our tiny excuse of a back yard, where the employees of our rental company come to smoke, there are fishies
I curse the day i saw these!
From yesterday, try and ignore the fact that i look like a midget, and check out the suspenders... what up!?
(Hat: eBay, Shoes: Vans, Jeans: Acne, Suspenders: Pageboy, Jacket and cardigan: Lowrys Farm, Glasses: that cheap shop by the station with no name)

I want this in wine red... they did not have that, but i'll find it

Another reason to love Tokyo; they try to make construction work less of a nuisance by prettying it up with fake flowers that no one steals
I almost bought this today, but 5 minutes later i found one that was much cuter and got that instead
Another day, another pair of suspenders (and pants and socks)
(Pants: Pageboy, Socks: Tabio, Suspenders: Lowrys Farm)

It's been almost two weeks since i last got tattooed, but my leg is still super sore.
That makes me very nervous.
As if i wasn't nervous enough as it is.
It's stupid, getting tattooed doesn't usually worry me this much, but having a bad day can really mess with your head.
But i've been trying to prepare as well as i can, and also not think about it too much.
One of the things i did to prepare was to buy a small pillow, which i hope will prevent me from getting too lightheaded this time.

Bunny pillow to the rescue!


  1. I worry about you. I wish I had had the money to come see you this weekend.

  2. Mm, sometimes mine are hurty for like a month, especially on my upper legs. Maybe it's just a really sensitive area for you?

  3. Joana, me too, but they were too expensive for me. It killed me to walk away!

    aixxx, oh, now i feel bad for ranting. Please don't worry about me, i really am fine. Just a little crampy and angsty and self pitying, but nothing to worry about.
    Although a visit from you would definitely make me go from ok to great!
    Maybe we can meet up somewhere next weekend? Me and Allan were thinking about taking a Kyoto roadtrip to see the fushimi inari shrine.

    nova, yeah, maybe. Also, it's the soft gray shaded areas that hurt the most, and he worked those very long and very hard. I think it's normal for those areas to be sore, but it still sucks!