Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I didn't sleep well last night (or this morning for that matter) so my brain isn't feeling up to constructing sentences today.
So here are some shots from the last few days, in no particular order.

Matcha latte
Classic Japanese parfait
Cute, narrow stairs in Koenji-Kita
Turtles in the park, doing their afternoon stretching exercises
Believe it or not, i used to have one of these when i was a kid
Spray bottle cover at Loft
A band playing by the station at 3 am, Koenji is always swinging'
Crazy cat lady's cat... even he knew this wasn't right
Rockin' iPhone cover
My new book on tree houses

It's gotten way colder here in the past few days, especially after it rained on Monday.
It makes me a little sad, but when i think of the hell-ish weather people at home must be dealing with... well, i'm just happy i'm not there.


  1. Hell-ish weather indeed !!!!!
    Nice IPhone cover YP! Now I need to get an IPhone too!!

  2. Hehe, that picture was mostly for you!

  3. ohhh good day for pictures! with each click of the button to scroll down, another squeel of delight. Loved every bit of today...or yesterday...whatever...loved it.

    What is a macha latte? looks super yummy

  4. Love the pictures! I am reading your blog regularly and hope visit your tattoo studio to get tattoo in the near future :)

  5. good thing about this blog post:there was a picture for me as well,but i skip the i need a tree house.great how you think of us at home.

  6. Ooh, I love the iphone cover. And that shampoo hat is a clever idea, I didn't know those existed!

  7. Tanya, it's a really thick green tea latte. Bitter and sweet and the same time, pretty delicious!

    Kameli, thanks for reading!

    Eckel, i'm always thinking of you guys!

    Fawn and Flower, mine was orange and i still remember wearing it! Damn, i must have been one annoying kid!