Saturday, November 27, 2010


A quick post before we're going out.
Yeah, for some reason (the reason being that Hata wants to) we're going to a club tonight.
And we have to get up early tomorrow too.
We sure know how to time these things.

I don't have much time to blog at the moment, as our time in Japan is running out.
We wanna get around and try to make the most of it before going back to what is beginning to sound like hell, only frozen over.
Tomorrow we're taking a day trip to Kyoto, and i think we're gonna try to visit Nagano on Tuesday.
Rail pass has been activated and we're ready to go.
I'm sure i'll have time for a few, quick posts before we go home, though, so do check back for non-tattoo related adventures soon.

Today in Ueno... yes, it's actually still fall here

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  1. Jeg har kælket i 20 cm sne i dag, for første gang siden jeg var barn. Og selv om jeg må indrømme, at det var sjovt, er der jo ingen tvivl om, at det taber sin charme i takt med at temperaturen falder og sneen bliver sort!