Monday, November 29, 2010

Ooki ni

Man, i just spent the longest time editing and uploading pictures (the computer is awfully slow today) and now i've completely lost the will to write.
Anyway, here's the short version of the awesome day i had yesterday.

I've wanted to visit Fushimi Inari for such a long time, and it seemed like the perfect place to take a day trip, so yesterday we hopped on the shinkansen and met up with Ai in Kyoto.
The weather got darker and darker the farther away we got from Tokyo, but the gloomy weather was perfect for our destination, and even the little bit of rain we had ended up feeling kind of nice.
The place was beautiful, eerie, fun and easy to get to and i highly recommend going if you're ever in Kyoto.

Whoa, totally lame, that short version.
I owe you a long, witty post in the near future.

Seasonal ekiben

One of the first kitsune we saw... we had no idea how many was still to come

Torii madness

You know, i did met a bad happen once, and that shit ain't fun

I took mine home instead

I think they used my knee as a model for this

To say that there are many fox statues there would be a gross understatement...

... there are literally hundreds of thousands, all different types, sizes and ages

There were lots of kitties too... this one wasn't the prettiest (or the cleanest) but it definitely was the loudest and the friendliest

Always more steps, always more torii

Most of these came out super blurry, but i like this one!

Expect more awesome pictures as soon as Allan uploads his, and Ai gets her film developed

Well, obviously i had to buy one!

I must have taken a million of these, but i just don't get tired of looking at them

Ai thought it was a bit creepy, though, but maybe that's what i loved about it?

This was as far up as we made it; it was getting dark, so we're saving the peak for another time

Everything was so wild there, very unlike Japan, really

All the restaurants closed their kitchens early, but this one opened for us so we could get some udon

We didn't find these at the gift shop near the station, but we did find a couple of other nice statues

Before we had to catch our train back to Nagoya and Tokyo, we went for dessert-for-dinner at Isetan

This was all kinds of delicious, but finishing it nearly killed me

This place was everything i'd hoped it would be, and more, and i definitely plan on going back there sometime to finish the climb to the top.
And my fox obviously felt right at home too, so i think he'd like to go back as well!


  1. Your photos turn out great. (And Ai-san is looking silly with that pink strap thing over her scarf, haha.) Are you sore today? My legs are kind of stiff...

  2. Aw, thanks! I have a feeling yours are gonna make them look like crap real soon, though :)
    I was expecting to feel way worse, so i was pleasantly surprised.
    Sore, but no more than after a regular day of sightseeing. I may be getting fat and out of shape from all the Japanese food, but at least my legs are in good condition!

  3. Uh, det ser deejligt ud!
    Især desserten! nam!
    Elsker dine Japan-blogs!

  4. falling more and more in love with the idea of visiting Japan...

  5. Your photos are so clear. You must have a great camera. ^^

    The food looks super tasty and the whole adventure looks very pretty and relaxing!

  6. Karla, den var så god!!

    Vanessa, i certainly recommend going, but your probably guessed that already!

    Audrey (hkittygirl), thanks, i use the Canon S90, a great camera, in my opinion.